Dozens of Scottish RSLs take leap to better tenant engagement

Over the past 18 months, a large group of Scottish associations have taken the leap towards embedding digital tenant engagement solutions into the heart of their customer service strategies. Their move towards implementing more frequent and efficient tenant communications through using digital communication methods, began by partnering with Glasgow-based tenant engagement platform CX-Feedback.

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People from deprived backgrounds left out of community empowerment action, says Holyrood Committee

A Scottish Parliament Committee has criticised the implementation of the 2015 Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act saying that not enough has been done to empower people from deprived backgrounds to take action in their communities.

Published 2 March 2021

235 apartments proposed near Glasgow’s High Street station

Plans are in the pipeline for a mixed-use development including 235 apartments for a large vacant site beside Glasgow's High Street station.

Published 2 March 2021

Plans for 239 flats in Glasgow city centre submitted

Structured House (Merchant Residential) Ltd has submitted new plans to build an 11-storey build-to-rent apartment block with commercial space in Glasgow city centre following a change of architect from previous proposals.

Published 2 March 2021

Rights of vulnerable must be at centre of pandemic recovery, says Holyrood Committee

A parliamentary inquiry into the impact of COVID-19 on human rights has called on the Scottish Government’s recovery plan to ensure that those people who have already experienced disproportionately negative effects as a result of the coronavirus crisis do not suffer further.

Published 2 March 2021

Angus Council to consider budget proposals

Angus councillors will be asked to consider a range of measures proposed by the council on Thursday.

Published 2 March 2021

Dundee City Council launches future housing needs survey

A survey has been launched by Dundee City Council to gather the public’s views about current and future housing needs across the city,

Published 2 March 2021

Social care reform needs action not words, Scottish sector representatives urge

Representatives from the Scottish social care sector have told the Scottish Parliament's Health and Sport Committee that proposals to reform the sector should be implemented as soon as possible, and not be another positive set of words with no action.

Published 2 March 2021

18 energy suppliers pay £10.4m for contract renewal failures

Eighteen energy suppliers are issuing refunds and redress payments worth £10.4 million after Ofgem found the companies did not adhere to price protection rules.

Published 2 March 2021

England: New homes to run on 'poo power'

Excess heat recovered from the sewage treatment process could be used to power more than 2,000 homes thanks to a new carbon-cutting partnership between Thames Water and Kingston Council.

Published 2 March 2021

Regulator updates advisory guidance for RSL governing bodies during COVID-19

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has published updated advisory guidance for RSL governing bodies during COVID-19.

Published 1 March 2021

Electric Vehicles – Are You Getting Charged Up?

Social landlords are very aware they need to comply with government regulations to ensure their housing stock meets specified energy efficiency standards. They are expected to comply with EESSH, have plans in place for implementation, and report annually to the Social Housing Regulator on progress towards this. They wholly understand the reasons for this requirement, both to ensure that social housing contributes to the massive reduction in carbon emissions embedded in challenging Scottish Government climate change targets (net zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045) and to improve comfort levels and reduce fuel poverty for their tenants.

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Fuel poverty