Tenants Federation ‘should have been consulted’ over tenement demolition, admits Dundee convenor

The councillor in charge of Dundee's council housing has accepted that the Dundee Federation of Tenants Associations (DFTA) should have been consulted before deciding to demolish 26 tenement homes in the city.

Published 23 August 2019

Regulator highlights importance of new Annual Assurance Statements

New Annual Assurance Statements will help ensure a culture of assurance, openness and transparency, the Scottish Housing Regulator has said.

Published 23 August 2019

Blackwood homes could save NHS millions every year

Blackwood has said its 'homes of the future', which were showcased at the Chartered Institute of Housing’s (CIH) conference this year, could save the NHS millions per year.

Published 23 August 2019

AGM hears of successful year for Oak Tree

Oak Tree Housing Association welcomed members and guests to its 2019 AGM in Greenock’s Tontine Hotel where they heard of a very productive and busy year for the organisation.

Published 23 August 2019

Local poet honoured at new Moray housing development

A new social housing development has been named in honour of a local Moray poet.

Published 23 August 2019

New vision for health and social care in Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Integration Joint Board (EIJB) has published ambitious plans to transform health and social care services in the capital.

Published 23 August 2019

Paul Taylor: Landlords must do less, not more, to offer a good service

Keeping things simple and focusing on doing a few things well is the way to keep your residents happy, writes Paul Taylor.

Published 23 August 2019

CCG welcomes eighteen trade apprentices in 2019

Glasgow construction company CCG (Scotland) Ltd has outlined its commitment to developing the young workforce by continuing to provide a range of apprenticeship and training programmes.

Published 23 August 2019

Glasgow tech start-up wins global Places for People competition

Tech start-up iOpt is the only Scottish company to win a global competition to find companies with technologies who can help facilitate better and more efficient management of building facilities and services.

Published 23 August 2019

Universal Credit ‘forcing tenants into rent arrears’

Universal Credit is causing tenants to fall behind with their rent, according to new research.

Published 23 August 2019

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