90% of Scots want housing for all to be government guarantee

Almost nine in ten of Scots believe the government should be responsible for ensuring housing is provided to a decent standard for every citizen, no matter what their income, according to new research from CIH Scotland.

Carried out by Deltapoll, the poll asked 1,023 Scottish adults a series of questions on the government’s approach to housing policy as well as personal prioritisation of housing as a policy issue. The results are weighted to be representative of the Scottish population as a whole in terms of age, gender, education level, social status and geographic location.

The survey comes as the Scottish Government researches how it can incorporate human rights into Scots law and ahead of the decision over funding and grant rates the next affordable housing supply programme in the Scottish Budget.

The results also revealed that:

  • 84% agree that ‘everyone should have the legal right to an adequate home’
  • 70% want more affordable housing in their community
  • 58% would be happy to see more social housing built near their home

CIH Scotland national director Callum Chomczuk said: “Despite a number of other issues including COVID-19 and Brexit, it very heartening to see that housing remains a top public policy priority for many Scots.

“Research published earlier this year makes it clear Scotland needs at least 53,000 social and affordable homes over the next five years and in in the 2020 Programme for Government the First Minister spoke about a new 20-year vision for good quality, zero carbon housing with access to community services, transport links and green space and substantial new funding for housing in the next parliament.

“It is clear from this poll that the people of Scotland are looking to the Scottish Government to continue to invest in housing to ensure that everyone in Scotland has a home that is warm, affordable and accessible. We look forward to seeing these priorities reflected in the upcoming Scottish Government budget for 2021/22.”

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