A beautiful amount of money raised at Hillcrest

IMG_3390One of Hillcrest’s fundraising teams has not only raised a fantastic amount of money but left people in Dundee feeling beautiful.

Big Mac and His Quarter Pounders raised £520 by arranging a beauty night at Dundee and Angus College where people were offered a number of treatments including waxing, nails and hair.

The efforts were part of Hillcrest’s 50th anniversary 50 grand to lend a hand fundraising initiative which will hopefully raise 50k collectively for a number of different charities.

Robyn Rae, a member of Big Mac and His Quarter Pounders, said: “We’re raising money for the Archie Foundation which does amazing work in the Dundee area. The beauty night was a great success and we’re all feeling rather glam at work today.

“The night would not have been the success it was without the support shown to us from Dundee and Angus College. Thanks to all of the students and staff who gave up their time to help us out.”

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