Advertorial: Five key things worth knowing about Scotland’s Housing Network – part 4

Did you know that Scotland’s Housing Network offers members free tools such as…

  • Framework and guidance for assessing value for money in service provision to understand costs behind performance results.
  • Unique tool for evaluating value for money in new build housing development to understand quality of homes built in Scotland
  • On-line performance self-assessment tools for ARC related indicators so that our members’ practices deliver excellence
  • On-line tool for governance self-assessment in line with Regulatory Standards for governing body members and chief officers to understand what ‘great’ looks like, test and evidence compliance.
  • On-line discussion forums
  • Webinars
  • Bite-size on-line training how to use our business intelligence tools

We design all data collection and tools with members and that is why they are relevant and simple to use.  They are all intended to facilitate development, enhance organisational skills and help our members excel in service delivery. The above is one out of five key things worth knowing about SHN. Watch out for the others at the forthcoming Scottish Housing News.

Scotland’s Housing Network - your Partner in Housing.

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