Advertorial: Five key things worth knowing about Scotland’s Housing Network – part 5

Did you know that Scotland’s Housing Network offers members free support, advice, and bespoke training enabling members to achieve continuous improvement?

Our members value our practice exchanges as…

“the forums are very useful, not only to keep us up to date with what others are doing, but also to help us get to know other people within the housing sector. The latter is especially valuable when one is trying to do something new there is probably somebody else who has already tried it, or at the very least, tried something similar. The problem seems to be knowing who tried what where! This is where I find SHN forums are an excellent resource”.

Our members value SHN’s performance analysis visits as…

“they play a key part in developing our business improvements plans”.

Our members tell us that…

“being part of the Network is a vital support mechanism to those charged with setting service priorities and objectives”.

The above is just some of the key things worth knowing about SHN. Watch out for the others in the forthcoming Scottish Housing News.

Scotland’s Housing Network - your Partner in Housing.

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