ALACHO and CaCHE prepare to unveil research into human right to adequate housing in Scotland

The Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers (ALACHO) and the UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) are to launch a report on the human right to adequate housing in Scotland next week.

When the Scottish Government amended the National performance Framework to include a commitment to “respect, fulfil and advance human rights”, ALACHO said it did no more than articulate one of the key obligations that it and other public bodies are under. What it hasn’t done in the years since this change is explore in any explicit way, what this means in policy terms and in particular how the government is going to demonstrate that it is meeting the other key obligation, that of “progressively realising” human rights.

This is as much the case in the field of housing as it is in any other policy area.

In light of this, ALACHO commissioned Gillian Young of Newhaven Research Limited to review how we should understand the right to “adequate housing”, how the achievement of that right could be measured and the extent to which it is being met in Scotland.

The report, which is being consciously termed as a ‘can opener’, is intended to move the debate on the human right to housing firmly into the field of policy, programmes and resource allocations, to explore what we mean by “adequate”, how it could be defined and the extent to which we can measure how well it is being met.

ALACHO will launch its report jointly with CaCHE on June 9 at 10.30am.

You can book a place through Eventbrite.


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