Albyn welcomes new leadership duo

Two long‐standing board members at Albyn Housing Society have stepped into a new leadership role.

Ian Fosbrooke and Maxine Smith

Maxine Smith and Ian Fosbrooke have taken on the position as joint‐chair of Albyn as of June 1.

Maxine is a well-known figure in Highland civil society, bringing with her significant experience as a Highland councillor for the Cromarty Firth ward and as established leader of the opposition in Highland Council. Maxine combines her political life with a busy business life too, running established beauty salons in Invergordon and Fort William in tandem with a new venture providing guided tours for cruise ship passengers visiting the Highlands by sea.

An Albyn Housing Society tenant, Ian brings experience from various industries, having worked both in the UK and abroad during his career. Now retired, his role with the Society started with tenant participation activities, which included the Customer Involvement Strategy Management Group. As a tenant representative, Ian’s contribution to the board is highly valued, particularly on areas such as business strategy and critical matters such as rent increases and new investments in upgrading housing stock.

Both Maxine and Ian have been long serving members of the Albyn Housing Society board. Maxine has recently commenced the role of chair of the Society’s performance committee, which reviews its business performance on a quarterly cycle. She has also been a board member of the subsidiary Albyn Enterprises for several years.

Ian has been chair of Albyn’s health & safety and staffing committees, including the Staff Consultative Forum, which brings together more than 80 Albyn Group staff to discuss employment related matters.

A spokesperson for Albyn said: “For more than 45 years, Albyn Housing Society has helped sustain countless Highland communities by providing quality homes for affordable rent. But, today, our role extends far beyond delivering social housing at scale.

“Our goal is to support successful tenancies, help communities thrive and develop solutions to challenges, old and new. To help us deliver this vision, the Board has appointed new leadership, welcoming Maxine Smith and Ian Fosbrooke as joint-chairs of the Society.”

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