Blog: Co-producing research priorities: Scotland results

Dr Gareth James summarises the Scottish results from a UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE) study into co-producing research priorities from across the UK and draws out some of the issues specific to Scotland.

This blog is part of a series on the CaCHE approach to co-producing research priorities. The first, outlines the thinking behind our approach, and the methods used; the second reports on the aggregate results, listing the top ten research priorities identified by members of our “regional” knowledge exchange hubs and local tenants’ groups and organisations.

Results of the Prioritisation Workshop

Prior to each hub meeting, a short survey was sent to members to generate some priority issues in advance of, and to help kick-start the discussion during, the Prioritisation Workshops. There were 21 responses to the Scottish survey, resulting in a total of 66 priorities; the key themes are summarised in the Wordle below (the larger the word, the more prominently the issue featured in survey responses):

Fig 1. – Scottish Survey Results – Key Themes

Table 1. – Scottish KE Hub Group Priorities

Table 2. – Scottish RVFG Open Discussion

Table 3. – Scottish RVFG Group Priorities

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