Community-owned renewable energy projects up 62% in Scotland

The number of community-owned renewable energy projects in Scotland has increased by 62% since 2011, with over 450 local communities now benefitting from green power initiatives.

New figures from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) reveal that there were 456 communities benefitting from wind, solar, hydro, heat pump and biomass projects across the country as of summer 2017.

The SNP has said initiatives such as the Community Empowerment Act and the Local Energy Challenge Fund have helped support communities to develop their own low carbon energy.

SNP MSP Gillian Martin, who sits on Holyrood’s economy committee, said: “The rapid increase in community-owned green energy projects can not only help communities cut down on their carbon footprint, but it will also save them money – providing them with the energy they need now and in the future as the technology progresses further.

“And as the planet continues to warm and the devastating impact of climate change hits communities across the globe, the need for these small, community-based projects becomes ever more important as we seek a sustainable future.”

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