Devolved employability service helps almost 5,000 Scots

Jamie Hepburn

Almost 5,000 people are being supported towards employment through a new employment service that removes the threat of sanctions.

Fair Start Scotland aims to support more people into work without the fear it will affect their benefits.

Figures published this morning show that since its launch in April 2018, 4,978 people have joined Fair Start Scotland and are being supported towards employment.

Fair Start Scotland is voluntary, so people can choose to participate, rather than being driven by the fear of sanctions.

Fair work minister Jamie Hepburn said: “Despite only being in its first year, Fair Start Scotland has hit the ground running, and is already helping almost 5,000 people move towards and into employment in a respectful and dignified way. While it’s too early to know the impact in terms of sustainable jobs, the positive start Fair Start Scotland has made means people can choose to take part without fear it will affect existing benefits.

“We are keen to encourage people to take advantage of the employability support Fair Start Scotland offers. For the first time we are now getting, and publishing, details on Fair Start Scotland which will help us ensure that the service is reaching the individuals it was intended to support.

“The Scottish Government will continue to learn from and build on our existing work and deliver the fair and inclusive Scotland we all wish to see.”

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