Edinburgh Tenants Federation calls for one year rent freeze

Edinburgh Tenants Federation (ETF) has expressed concern about the City of Edinburgh Council’s proposed 2% rent increase and 4.79% council tax increase.

Representatives from the Federation took a deputation to a full council meeting last week asking for a rent freeze for one year.

ETF members said:

  • The council’s rents simply are not affordable as tenants living in Edinburgh pay the highest rents in Scotland;
  • The council is building houses which tenants can’t afford to live in as the rents are too high;
  • Many tenants are on an income, but can’t afford to pay their rent;
  • Tenants are not clear about what the 2% rent increase is being spent on;
  • The increased childcare costs mean that some children’s diets are suffering as a result.

Betty Stevenson, ETF’s convenor, said: “Naturally I’m disappointed that the rents and council tax will be increasing this year. However, it was very important that we expressed the views of tenants, many of whom will be affected by these increases. Nevertheless, we have achieved a great deal of positive publicity through this campaign and we will look to build on this moving forward.”

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