EHRA hosts Scottish Parliament election hustings

The Easterhouse Housing and Regeneration Housing Alliance (EHRA) welcomed residents from across Greater Easterhouse to listen to candidates from the political parties standing in Glasgow Provan and Glasgow Shettleston at the Scottish Parliament election on May 6.

EHRA chair Linda Cameron

Both constituencies cover the Greater Easterhouse area. 

Held through Zoom due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the EHRA virtual hustings was an opportunity to pose questions to Conservative and Unionist, Labour, Liberal Democrat, Scottish Greens and Scottish National Party candidates.

Brian Hutcheson, independent chair, introduced candidates to the busy event. In the opening remarks, Ivan McKee from SNP, if re-elected would continue to build on his partnership work across the Glasgow Provan constituency. Thomas Kerr would build on his track record as a local Conservative councillor and concentrate on recovery from Covid-19. John Mason from SNP, if re-elected would build on his partnership working with local community based housing associations across the Glasgow Shettleston constituency and work to deliver new homes.

Martin McElroy from Labour would build on his work as a local councillor. Kim Long from Scottish Greens if elected would also build on her experience as a local councillor and would work to provide good quality green jobs to help the recovery from Covid-19

The first question from the floor asked candidates about the work they had undertaken to help the communities in Greater Easterhouse during the last year of Covid-19. The two-hour event focused on poverty, inequality, cuts to council services, employment in Greater Easterhouse, recovery from COVID-19, in work poverty and access to mental health services. Additional questions on fly tipping and waste collection, regulation of housing associations, facilities in Greater Easterhouse and benefits from developers were all discussed at the Hustings.

Brian Hutcheson, chair, and Linda Cameron, chair of EHRA, thanked everyone for attending and encouraged everyone to vote on May 6.

EHRA is a campaigning organisation in Greater Easterhouse representing eight housing associations and co-operatives. EHRA organises an annual community event festival and holds regular meetings with locally elected councillors and MPs to raise awareness of the issues affecting the communities of Greater Easterhouse.

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