EPC & Home Report For You to work alongside Town and Country Property Auctions

The way that you sell a property has changed a lot over recent times such as from how you advertise it to what you need to get done before you can even start showing the property to interested buyers.

Along with the usual prerequisites of photos and a ‘For Sale’ board the seller must now also have in place an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) showing potential buyers the energy efficiency score and recommendations for improvement.

No commercial or residential property in the UK can be marketed now without having an EPC done and made available to show on adverts and to interested parties. This changes slightly in Scotland where residential sales must have a Home Report survey of which an EPC is included.

The traditional way of selling property by handing it to the local high street estate agent is no longer the automatic choice for many sellers who are savvy enough to know that being online and using modern and innovative companies is the way forward.

Online Estate Agents have an ever-growing market share as do online auctions such as Town and Country Property Auctions Scotland because they are offering more than the high street regards customer service and buyer exposure. Research shows people looking to buy property want a snag-free seamless service where all details can be at the click of a button online.

EPC For You & Home Report For You help agents and sellers get accurate and legally approved EPCs and Home Reports for when they need to sell a property. We are an online business that offers an agile and customer-focused service with much more competitive prices than you may find on the high street.

Maintaining the quick turnaround expected in the modern market along with going that extra mile is important to us and why we work with Town & Country Property Auctions Scotland who also aim in providing a smooth and seamless sales process. We have been working in partnership with Liam Kidd, Regional Partnership Manager for Town and Country Property Auctions, and looking forward to also working all team members to the benefit of our mutual clients.

Visit our websites for further details on how to book a survey anywhere in the UK – www.epcforyou.co.uk / www.homereportforyou.co.uk.

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