Google’s ‘digital double decker’ parks up at Thenue

The bus outside Thenue’s London Road office

Thenue Housing welcomed an unusual guest this week in the form of a white double decker bus.

The bus - owned by Google - called round to Thenue’s London Road office to deliver skills training free of charge to anyone who wanted it.

The iconic former London Routemaster has been given a stylish and high-tech makeover to equip it for its new digital role along with a new coat of paint.

Thenue told its tenants of its arrival and many came along to brush up on their digital skills.

The bus came complete with highly-skilled Google staff who provided a helping hand to anyone who was keen to learn more about getting online.

The Google team also passed on basic digital skills, internet security advice and even how to write a great CV.

The bus is currently on a tour of central Scotland calling in at communities which would benefit from Google’s help.

Thenue heard about the digital garage via the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations with whom the housing association has worked previously.

Dawn McManus, Thenue’s community engagement officer, said: “The visit was a great success. The bus was difficult to miss – having parked up on London Road outside our offices.

“The Google staff were brilliant and passed on their knowledge on a range of digital issues which we know will be of great help to our tenants and the wider community.”

The visit fits well with the recent launch of Thenue’s new digital project called CLIC which stands for ‘Connecting Locally Informing Communities’.

This new project has been made possible with funding from Bank of Scotland Foundation and its aim is to tackle the issue of low digital skills in the communities where Thenue has its homes. It will offer advice such as how to get online and aims to deliver the skills needed for everyday life in a digital age.

*The Google Digital Garage is making a return visit to Thenue on September 10 – this time to the newly-opened Netherholm Hall in Castlemilk to deliver another digital learning opportunity.

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