Hillcrest Futures hails its heroes

Hillcrest Futures has praised its Hillcrest Futures staff who are risking their health every single day to ensure that its support services continue.

The organisation has said it is truly grateful and thankful for each and every one of its staff.

One of Hillcrest’s commission managers, said: “I’m hearing the expression ‘the new normal’ increasingly to describe the situation we’re all currently faced with. There is some truth to this description in that we’re not quite sure, and can’t be certain, how long these circumstances will last. But your efforts to support people and the passion, conviction and professionalism that has been shown so far by your staff and your services is anything but normal – it’s been extraordinary.”

Hillcrest said it is witnessing extraordinary work every single day and that it wants to publicly recognise the efforts that are being made by the heroes it employs. Staff are doing 12 hours shifts, adapting to lone working where there are staff shortages and one has even postponed his retirement as he wants to help during the current situation.

The organisation said that staff are rallying together and offering lifts to others to save them using public transport – whether on shift or not.

Hillcrest said it is so impressed with how staff have adapted ways of working, using technology to allow service users to communicate with loved ones and creating activities in projects where people are no longer able to attend day centres and activities.

At a time where the majority are being told to stay home, this is not an option for Hillcrest Futures staff. Because of their dedication, commitment and professionalism, Hillcrest is supporting some of the most vulnerable people in society which eases the demand on our national health service.

Hillcrest said: “Not all heroes wear capes but you guys definitely should.”

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