‘King of Hearts’ David Orr to speak at ELHA AGM

ELHA King of HeartsDavid Orr, chief executive of the National Housing Federation, but better known in East Lothian as the ‘King of Hearts’, will visit Wonderland on Monday 26 September this year to address his subjects at the Annual General Meeting of East Lothian Housing Association (ELHA).

Known as the ‘Moderate form of Wonderland Government’, the King is often charged with dealing with some of the Queen’s more tempestuous outbursts and announcements, commuting sentences into something more workable.  There is no suggestion whatsoever though that this relates in any way to David’s work with the country’s politicians and policy makers.

The whole event will of course be a Mad Tea Party with the Hatter himself in charge of refreshments (everyone can have more, but no-one can have less, and a 6.00pm start because that is time for tea).

Invitations have gone out but those who may have been forgotten and would like to attend can e-mail wonderland@elha.com and not only will the Queen of Hearts order some summary justice for whoever was responsible for the terrible omission, but if there’s a spare place left you will be notified by September 19 if you can come and join the fun.

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