Making sure your minutes fit for purpose

The Regulatory Framework now requires governing body meeting minutes to be publicly available as well as published online.

This offers the perfect opportunity to have a look at your minute taking process and ensure that everything is presented in an appropriate and user friendly way. 

In response to this requirement SHARE now offers a brand new course for staff responsible for taking the minutes to help hone and perfect their minute taking skills. 

The experienced minute taker has been designed for those that have been taking minutes and managing meetings for quite some time, and will focus on the finer details. Delegates will look at a number of areas including how to deal with difficult-to-minute situations: lively discussions, confidential issues, named individuals, conflicts of interest, and the importance of referencing. 

Delegates also have the opportunity to address the larger process for meetings looking at how agendas are set out and what your policy and procedures say in regards to minutes.

The course offers the added flexibility of encouraging delegates to advise the trainer of their specific issues before attending, ensuring that everyone’s challenges and issues are addressed on the day. It is the perfect progression for anyone who has previously completed SHARE’s longstanding and ever popular Joy of Minutes.

The experienced minute taker will be taking place on 10th July at the Bob Allan Conference Centre, 139 Saracen Street from 9.30am – 4.30pm.

There is a variety of minute taking courses on offer through SHARE so if you are not quite at the level of the ‘experienced’ minutes taker, have a look on to see what else is on offer or contact us on 0141 370 6877.

You can find out more about the course and book your place HERE.


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