MSP visits Trust Housing Association to see life-changing hearing aid support

Hear to Help Lady Flora's NewmilnsWillie Coffey MSP found out about the positive impact of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland’s hearing support service in the everyday lives of residents at Lady Flora’s, Newmilns run by Trust Housing Association.

Mr Coffey spoke with the charity’s Hear to Help volunteer, Martha Finlayson who was trained by NHS Ayrshire & Arran audiology department and provides basic maintenance such as cleaning NHS hearing aids and changing their batteries or tubing.

Martha highlighted how hearing loss can impact on communication and relationships with family and friends. The support offered by Hear to Help volunteers can make the difference between someone persevering with their NHS hearing aid and being able to follow conversations more clearly or putting it in a drawer and continuing to struggle.

As well as hearing aid maintenance, the volunteers also give information about assistive equipment such as amplified phones, TV listeners and vibrating / flashing alarms which can make day to day life much easier.

Willie Coffey MSP said: “The Hear to Help service at Lady Flora’s highlights the importance of people in sheltered housing or care homes – especially those with mobility difficulties – being able to get support with their hearing aids without needing to travel to hospital. It was great seeing the volunteers in action, ensuring the residents have fully working hearing aids which enables them to follow conversations with staff, family and friends more easily – and avoid becoming socially isolated.”

Donna McSwiggan, Hear to Help coordinator, said: “We welcome the backing from Willie Coffey MSP for our Hear to Help service. We were delighted to show how the support and tips offered by our volunteers at Lady Flora’s – and other sheltered housing and care homes across Ayrshire – can help residents to use their NHS hearing aids more effectively without needing to leave their homes.”



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