New residents and tenants’ organisation for Ravenscraig Court

(from left) Housing officer Rhonda Whytock, Councillor John Crowther, residents Jimmy McLean and Suzy McKendrick and Councillor Tommy McVey

River Clyde Homes tenants from Ravenscraig Court in Greenock have set up their own Residents and Tenants’ Organisation (RTO).

Working together for common aims, such as tackling problems that affect residents in their area and helping to make their neighbourhood a better place to live, the establishment of this organisation will be the housing association’s 15th group who are registered with River Clyde Homes as an RTO.

RTO’s can help create a sense of community and they can often become the main representative of residents’ views in their area.

River Clyde Homes Board member, Jenny Speck, welcomed the formation of the new group, and said: “Tenant involvement helps customers to have a say in the services they receive. The idea of having an RTO is to have a voice that can be heard, listened to and acted upon where appropriate. All groups share a common purpose and willingness to work together to improve the quality of life in their community.”

Ravenscraig Court RTO chairperson, James McLean, added: “One of the best ways of getting involved with River Clyde Homes is to join or set up a Registered Tenants’ Organisation. By doing so you will be consulted on key policy matters which will affect all tenants. Through environmental improvements, campaigning on local issues and organising community events an RTO can make a positive impact on the area. Overall, it’s a great way to have your say on the way River Clyde Homes delivers services specifically in your area and across the whole of Inverclyde.”

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