ng homes and African Challenge Scotland to offer enhanced Work Experience Programme

ng homes and African Challenge Scotland have strengthened their ongoing partnership to deliver a unique work experience programme for young people in North Glasgow.

(from left) ng homes CEO Robert Tamburrini, Gervais Hameni, HR officer Olivia Friary, depute director (corporate services) Tony Sweeney, chair John Thorburn, Yvan Mbatchou and African Challenge Scotland founder Ronier Deumeni

The innovative programme is in its 4th year and has been further refined to provide a comprehensive two-week work-based programme of learning for the young people taking part.

During July and August, local African Challenge Scotland members 16-year-old Gervais Hameni and 18-year-old Yvan Mbatchou will embark on the programme where they will work with various teams across the business and learn about the variety of jobs within the Housing Association.

During their placement, the young people will meet with staff and learn about the North Glasgow community including the Association’s regeneration activities, its investment plans, the type of houses the Association has and the issues the staff deal with on a daily basis. At the end of the programme, the participants will meet with ng homes CEO Robert Tamburrini and Ronier Deumeni, founder of African Challenge Scotland, to review their experience.

Tony Sweeney, depute director (corporate services) at ng homes, said: “The programme is designed to provide those taking part with a general awareness and introduction to the workplace. A key aim is to build their confidence and interpersonal skills and to let them see the types of jobs and career paths that are available in the housing sector. It’s been a great success since it was first introduced in 2016. We have learned from our experience in previous years and the programme has been enhanced to maximise the benefit for those taking part.”

It’s not just the participants who gain from the experience. From an organisational sense, it fits nicely with the Association’s Investors in People and Investors in Young People Gold accreditation. It has positive benefits for ng group staff also as they get to share their knowledge and experience and give something back to the community whilst learning from those taking part and often getting to see things from a different perspective.

During the placement, Gervais and Yvan will spend time in all areas of the business and learn about the range of housing services on offer.

Gervais, who started his placement on July 8, said: “I am really enjoying my experience at ng homes. The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and supportive, I’m learning so much about the company and the community in such a short space of time.”

Yvan added: “I’m really looking forward to starting my placement at ng homes and meeting everyone. I think this is a great opportunity for me to learn about the great work that ng homes do in North Glasgow and the career opportunities that are available in housing.”

ng homes chief executive, Robert Tamburrini, said: “We have been working closely in partnership with African Challenge Scotland for several years now and this type of programme has helped to cement our relationship. This initiative is linked to our vision to create a community where people can flourish and prosper and the experience that the young people will gain will be beneficial should they choose to pursue a career in housing or indeed any other sector.”

Ronier Deumeni, founder of African Challenge Scotland, added: “We are very grateful to ng homes for their ongoing support and in particular for providing our young people with such a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable work-based skills and experience through this programme. We support ng homes vision for North Glasgow and we look forward to continuing to work together to support integration and equality.”

John Thorburn, ng homes chair, said: “We are delighted to provide the young people with this excellent opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills. This programme is a great example of the power of partnership working and it provides benefits for all those involved. The Board at ng homes is passionate about ensuring that there is equal opportunity for everyone in North Glasgow and it is great to be able to support young people who are exploring their career options.”

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