North Lanarkshire Council in Gas Access Week pledge

Des Murray
Des Murray

Scotland’s largest council landlord is reminding people about the potential dangers associated with gas appliances in their homes.

North Lanarkshire Council has pledged its support to national Gas Access Week (11 April – 17 April) in an effort to prevent serious accidents in tenants’ homes.

Des Murray, head of business with Housing Property, explained: “The risks of not having gas appliances serviced properly can be severe. There is the potential for fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning and we want to try and make sure that doesn’t happen.

“We have responsibility for 37,000 homes so gaining access to all those properties is a major task. We are proud of achieving a 100 per cent record of gaining entry in recent years, although in a small number of cases we have had to force entry as people wouldn’t allow us access.

“These tests are all about keeping appliances, homes and our communities safe. It is vital people work with us to make this happen.”

North Lanarkshire Council’s tenancy agreement conditions give them the right to make forcible entry to properties to carry out works to ensure tenants stay safe.

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