North Lanarkshire Council launches consultation on future housing strategy

North Lanarkshire Council is seeking input on the development of its new housing strategy and shaping future services.

The council is inviting residents to complete a survey that will play a part in developing housing’s services and have the opportunity to link in with like-minded people.

Its new Tenant Participation Strategy sets out how they’ll work with customers, measure satisfaction and feedback, create more opportunities for people to participate in the consultation and widen their involvement in housing services.

Tracy Lennon, tenant participation manager, said: “There are so many ways for tenants to participate and get involved in shaping housing services. And by putting tenants and residents at the heart of our service, we’ll deliver services that continue to meet their needs and match their priorities.

“Residents tell us they want to be consulted with and get involved in various ways at a time and level that suits them. We’re already changing the way we communicate and consult. These changes include live Q&A’s, local walkabouts, drop-in events, focus groups, surveys and our Tenant Participation officers are based one day each week in local area offices.

“We’ve seen an increase in the number of tenants getting involved and we want to build on this momentum. It’s all about empowering tenants to take part and then illustrating how their views have made a difference.”

The deadline for responses is August 16.

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