Scottish council house rents remain lower than England and Wales

01b63f0187ca4cfa80937a9a0a135529Scottish council house tenants continue to pay less per week than their counterparts in England and in Wales, new figures from Scotland’s Chief Statistician show.

Tenants paid an average of £66 per week to rent their homes, compared to £86 per week in England and £76 per week in Wales.

There were an estimated 313,650 council houses in Scotland at September 2016, a decrease of around 1,170 on 2015. Average rents ranged from £52 per week in Moray to £93 per week in Edinburgh.

The figures are included in the latest Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Statistics, detailing councils’ housing income and expenditure in 2015-16 and forecasts for 2016-17.

In 2015-16, councils spent over £930 million on the day-to-day management and maintenance of council housing.

The average amount spent on the day-to-day management and maintenance of council housing was £1,940 per house in 2015-16 and is forecast to rise to £1,950 next year.

Councils also invested £655 million in capital housing projects, including £255 million on new council homes and £400 million on enhancement to existing council homes.

The full statistical publication can be found on the Scottish Government’s website.

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