Scottish Government takes first steps to create new Scottish Child Payment

The Scottish Government has taken the first steps to create the new Scottish Child Payment.

Shirley-Anne Somerville

The new £10 weekly payment has taken its first step to being introduced, with draft regulations being sent to the Scottish Commission on Social Security for scrutiny.

Once fully implemented, the benefit could help up to 410,000 eligible under 16s and lift 30,000 children out of poverty.
The new benefit will:

  • Have a simplified application process which links with Best Start Grant and Best Start Foods so new applicants only need to provide information once
  • Be paid every four weeks as a lump sum to support parents with the cost of bringing up children, including clothing or school activities
  • Increase annually in line with inflation

Shirley-Anne Somerville, social security secretary, said: “The Scottish Child Payment has rightly been described as game-changing in terms of the potential to reduce child poverty.

“We have worked closely with stakeholders on the development of the payment so it can create the greatest impact for children and families, and last month we announced that the first payments for eligible children under the age of six will reach families by Christmas next year – five months earlier than previously announced.”

She added: “These plans also protect the other social security benefits we are implementing, which more than half a million people in Scotland rely on. Along with the Scottish Government legislation we need in place, we are dependent upon the UK government’s co-operation bringing forward relevant UK legislation.

“It is critical Brexit doesn’t delay the UK legislation required and the vital help the benefit will provide struggling families.”

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