Scottish housebuilding outstripping rest of UK, says Housing Minister

Scottish GovernmentScotland is storming ahead of the rest of the UK in building new homes, according to new figures from the Scottish Government.

SNP Housing Minister Kevin Stewart confirmed that the rate of housebuilding in Scotland last year outstripped figures for England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

There were 15,954 new homes completed in Scotland in 2015 – equating to a rate of 297 homes built per 100,000 population.  This rate is higher than all other UK nations with a rate of 261 in England, 219 in Wales and 287 in Northern Ireland.

Kevin Stewart MSP

In sustaining a higher build rate of new homes since the SNP came to power in 2007, there have been 41,000 more homes built under this government than would have been built at the English per-capita rate – equating to a new town the size of Paisley.

Earlier this month, the Tories voted in favour of a slowdown in private housebuilding in Scotland.

Commenting following Portfolio Questions on Communities, Social Security and Equalities today in the Scottish Parliament, Mairi Evans MSP said: “These figures demonstrate Scotland’s strong position when it comes to building new homes – leading the UK with the highest housebuilding rate.

“The SNP in government is building more homes per head of population than England by some 14 per cent and more homes than Wales by over 35 per cent. In other words, by setting our sights higher than England, in government we’ve built new homes equivalent to a town the size of Paisley since 2007.

“On top of smashing our own targets in delivering 33,949 affordable homes over the last parliament we’re setting ourselves ambitious goals – promising at least 50,000 more affordable homes in the next five years.

“Increasing the availability of new affordable homes in Scotland is absolutely central to the bold agenda for a fairer, more socially just Scotland upon which the SNP was re-elected last month – and regardless of what is going on elsewhere, the SNP is getting on with the job of delivering for Scotland in government.”

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