Scottish Housing Regulator ends appointment of statutory manager at Ruchazie Housing Association

The Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) has ended its appointment of a statutory manager at Ruchazie Housing Association after the association made significant improvements to its governance and financial health.

The Regulator first used its statutory powers to safeguard the interests of tenants by appointing a manager and four members to Ruchazie’s governing body in 2018. These actions follow the outcomes of an independent investigation commissioned by Ruchazie into concerns about the process that led to the departure of its previous senior officer.

The investigation identified serious failures to recognise and manage conflicts of interest, and serious weaknesses in the information provided to the governing body.

In December last year, the SHR continued its statutory appointments at Ruchazie Housing Association.

Margaret Sharkey, assistant director of regulation, said: “Ruchazie has delivered significant improvements in its governance and financial management. We’ve continued two appointments to its governing body for a further three months to support Ruchazie to deliver the final tasks to bring it to full compliance with Regulatory requirements.”

The Regulator will review its appointments to the governing body in September this year.

The SHR has published a revised engagement plan which sets out the details of its engagement with Ruchazie.

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