Second edition of Evictions in Scotland published

Adrian Stalker

The second edition of Adrian Stalker‘s hotly-anticipated Evictions in Scotland has been published by Edinburgh University Press.

At more than double the length of the 2007 first edition, the new edition states the law as at 31 May 2020.

It received high praise from Jonathan Kiddie, advocate, who said: “Stalker’s voice speaks from the pages with clarity, assurance and authority. His passion and conscientiousness for the subject matter are obvious, as are his own years of practical immersion in it in all its aspects. 

“There is depth and detail, but these are pitched at a precisely sweet level, absent any superfluity or confusion as can sometimes beleaguer purely academic works by purely academic authors. Like all truly excellent law books, this efficiently sates the reader’s need for useful understanding while leaving one with a sense of having been guided by the author’s utmost safe and skilful pair of hands.” 

Mr Stalker is also the author of Housing and Equality Law in Scotland, published by Shelter in 2019.