SFHA updates care & support and service delivery COVID-19 briefings

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has updated its COVID-19 briefing on care & support to include interim guidance on PCR testing in care homes and the management of test positive residents and staff.

The series of briefing notes have been produced to help housing associations and co-operatives through the COVID-19 crisis.

The care & support briefing covers the following topics: 

  • Care and support guidance
    • Social or community care and residential settings (including home visits)
    • Covid-19 testing
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Self-directed support
    • Telecare service continuity
    • Tackling domestic abuse
    • Guidance for staff in non-healthcare settings
    • Shielding support and contacts
    • Clinical guidance – care at home, housing support and sheltered housing
    • Guidance for first responders
  • Latest COVID-19 care and support news
    • National well-being hub for people working in health and social care
    • Connecting Scotland
    • Dealing with additional Covid-19 related costs
    • Increasing the hourly rate for social care/housing support
    • Health board staff to work in the community
    • Home fire safety visits
  • Previously reported COVID-19 care and support news
  • Tenant support
  • Further information and useful links
  • Key worker letter template

Download the care & support briefing note here.

The service delivery briefing has also been updated to now cover the following topics:

  • Managing Staff
    • Employer’s Duties
    • Key Workers
    • Other Staff
    • COVID-19 Texting for Staff
  • Managing Essential Services
    • Regulation and Current Restrictions
    • Tenant Support
    • Tenant Services
    • Allocations
    • Recording Service Disruption
  • Supporting Social Distancing
  • Appendix
    • Communication Templates
    • Key Worker Framework
    • Sample Telephone Questionnaire
    • Indicative Contactless Letting Protocol
    • Useful Links

Download the service delivery briefing note here.

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