SHARE: Helping to develop our future Senior Officers

In the past year, the sector has seen some organisations struggle to fill Senior Officer Posts and having to have two rounds of recruitment in some cases.

Ongoing succession planning is key to the smooth operation of any organisation and an important feature of the SHR Regulatory Framework Review.

Continuous development of middle and senior management will help to alleviate any skills shortages when the more senior vacancies do arise. 

As the learning and development organisation supporting the housing sector, SHARE has developed a number of courses to enable housing professionals to move up the career ladder, particularly in leadership and management roles. The success of last year’s summer sessions for aspiring managers reinforces this is something that the sector wants and needs to invest in.

Julie-Ann Cloherty, SHARE’s learning & development officer, said: “To help those second and third tier roles SHARE offer a number of Institute of leadership and management (ILM) courses which are accredited. Delegates are required to sit an assessment to achieve the qualification.

“We recently ran an ilm level 2 award for supervisors and team leaders which received great feedback and was well attended.” 

SHARE’s next ilm course seeks to help develop those in middle or senior management roles, or with aspirations of joining senior management teams. Leadership and Management on Leading Innovation and Change is an ilm Level 5 Award. As demand on the sector continues to grow and the challenges faced become more complex, this qualification will equip delegates with the tools to successfully manage that change. This course also focuses on the importance of innovation and creativity in meeting challenges and leading organisations in more efficient and sustainable ways.

The ilm level 5 is delivered over three and a half days covering, Leading Innovation and Change, Project Support Workshop and Becoming an Effective Leader.

Leadership and Management on Leading Innovation and Change ilm Level 5 Award starts on 15th April.

You can find out more about the award at or by getting in touch with Julie-Ann on 0141 370 1539 or by email to


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