Smart meters rolled out in the Outer Hebrides

Smart meters from Our Power have been rolled in the Outer Hebrides with further installations scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

Around eight installations were carried out in South Uist with plans to install 24 more meters in Lewis by the end of September.

Chair of Hebrides Energy, Carola Bell, said: “The UK Government has asked energy suppliers to offer a smart meter to every home in the UK by 2020. However, customers in the Outer Hebrides have been far down the priority list for the large energy companies. We are delighted that Our Power have committed to doing these installs here.”

Our Power’s community project manager, Georgy Davis, added: “It’s fantastic to see Our Power’s first batch of smart meters being installed in the Outer Hebrides. Unfortunately, customers in remote regions are often disadvantaged in terms of accessing the benefits that new technology can bring. Our Power is committed to ensuring that this is not the case for our Hebrides Energy customers.”

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