Social landlords offered free crisis communication webinar

Orbit Communications is to deliver a free webinar tomorrow to assist communications teams at housing associations respond to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Crisis Communications in social housing: Responding and how it will shape future engagement will be delivered here, starting at 11am on Thursday 26 March. 

The free, 30-minute webinar will examine:

  • How associations have responded.
  • What planning should be done now as the crisis enters a new phase.
  • The strengths associations have to help them communicate effectively.
  • Why decisions made now are creating new expectations for after the crisis subsides.
  • How the ‘digital service shift’ for tenants, residents and staff will now include communications.

Graeme Downie, director of Orbit Communications, will deliver a short presentation and answer questions about his experience working with housing associations and other organisations during the COVID -19 crisis so far.

In addition to working with housing associations and the housing sector more broadly, Graeme has provided crisis communications advice for clients in the travel, food & drink, charitable and academic sector.

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