Report reveals sustained improvement across housing in West Dunbartonshire

A report assessing West Dunbartonshire Council’s housing service has highlighted a number of positive improvements in the past year.

The Scottish Social Housing Charter report shows the service continues to make progress in areas including gas safety checks, re-letting empty properties and carrying out medical adaptations.

It also highlighted a reduction in rent loss due to void homes and an increase in compliance with the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

While the report also outlines areas where the council is acting to advance, the overall picture is one of sustained improvement.

The report looks at how councils perform against other authorities and Scotland as a whole, in a view to improving the quality and value of the services that social landlords provide.

The number of properties meeting the EESSH has risen from 55.9% to 77.6%, while 100% of properties have now had the gas safety check completed by the anniversary date.

A reduction of 22.3 days was made in the average time to complete applications for medical adaptations, down to 68 days.

While the average time to re-let properties went down from 35.6 days to 23.3 days, and rent loss due to voids reduced too.

The report also showed an improvement in the percentage of reactive repairs completed right first time, up from 88.1% to 90.5%.

A comprehensive assessment of the 2018/19 performance has already been carried out and has informed a Charter Improvement Plan. This is being implemented across all areas of the housing service with the objective of continuing to improve services for our tenants and residents.

Priority areas to drive improvements include rent collection, services for homeless people and further work to reduce medical adaptation timescales.

Councillor Caroline McAllister, vice-convener of housing and communities committee, said: “I am pleased to see that we continue to make improvements in a number of areas. This report outlines encouraging results and we are happy the most measures are moving in the right direction.

“Our aim is to keep improving to deliver the best possible service to our residents and will continue to take action in those areas where we can get better.”

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