West Whitlawburn committee member Louise Wilson passes away

West Whitlwburn Housing Co-operative (WHHC) has been deeply shocked at the loss of committee member Louise Wilson, who passed away on June 19.

Louise Wilson

Louise had been a member of WWHC since 2010 and was a well known and well-respected member of the community. Louise was also a committee member of Whitcomm Communications Co-operative.

Paul Farrell, director of WWHC, said: “Louise was a warm, kind, compassionate person, who was very popular with our committee and staff. Louise contributed an enormous amount to WWHC over the years. Always thoughtful and considerate with a bright, friendly personality. Louise will be badly missed.”

Anne Anderson, chairperson of WWHC, added: “We are all stunned by Louise’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with Louise’s family at this very sad time. Louise brought great wisdom and caring to our committee and always had time for people. Louise will be a great loss to WWHC and our community.”

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