Working with vulnerable tenants remotely

We, as a sector, know, but perhaps the wider society does not yet appreciate, that housing associations and co-operatives do so much more that collect rents and repair houses. They are community hubs in many areas, providing a whole host of services for all tenants and a lifeline to the most vulnerable.

We will be well aware that for some tenants, social isolation is nothing new, and most associations/co-operatives have that handful of tenants who visit the office for nothing more than a chat and perhaps the only social interaction they have.

Then there are the other vulnerable tenants who require intensive help to manage and maintain their tenancies, assistance that our housing officers and tenant liaison teams dedicate vast amount of times to, in order to help these individuals to overcome barriers and enjoy their home.

All of this has previously been possible because we are present and active in our communities. In the current circumstances, we are not able to be in our communities, open our offices or carry out the many visits that we do in order to help and support our tenants.

This presents a very new challenge to the sector - how do we help our vulnerable tenants remotely? SHARE is working with our adult and child support and protection trainer, Allan Johnston, over the next few weeks on material to help teams grappling with this issue.

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