Kingdom Housing Association outlines carbon journey

With Scottish Housing Day's focus on housing and the climate emergency, Kingdom Housing Association has taken time to reflect on its own low carbon journey, whilst also considering its role as part of a sector committed to tackling climate change.

Published 15 September 2021

Fiona Clandillon: Public and private sectors need to get in step on net zero

Midlothian Council's head of development - place Fiona Clandillon argues that the commercial and public sectors need to be brought into greater alignment to ensure emission standards are raised across all homes in Scotland.

Published 15 September 2021

Bill Banks: Kingdom Housing Association is proud to be part of Scottish Housing Day 2021

Kingdom chief executive Bill Banks details how the group has been meeting the climate challenge head-on through its Sustainability Policy and beyond.

Published 15 September 2021

Kevin Reid: Building for a greener future

Kevin Reid, chief executive of the Cruden Group, gives a commentary on the Housing and Climate Emergency theme of Scottish Housing Day.

Published 15 September 2021

Gavin Yates: The housing market is broken… we should be careful how we fix it

Homeless Action Scotland CEO Gavin Yates provides his take on this week's Programme for Government, in particular the proposals for rent controls.

Published 10 September 2021

Kirsty Wells: How social landlords can help to combat climate change: building sustainable foundations

Kirsty Wells, head of Housemark Scotland, highlights how social landlords can play a significant part in combating climate change.

Published 10 September 2021

Martin Gavin: How the Programme for Government stacks up on homelessness

Martin Gavin from Homeless Network Scotland takes a closer look at the housing and homelessness elements in the Programme for Government, published on Tuesday.

Published 8 September 2021

Auditor General: Christie’s clarion call can’t wait another decade

Ten years on from the Christie Commission, Stephen Boyle, the Auditor General for Scotland, discusses the continued need for change in Scotland's public services.

Published 7 September 2021

Tony Cain: Achieving zero carbon in social housing - it’s haste we need, not speed

With next week's Scottish Housing Day set to explore the challenges for the social housing sector to meet net zero carbon emissions, ALACHO policy manager Tony Cain argues that evidence-based solutions are more important than quick ones.

Published 6 September 2021

Steven Tolson: Developer contributions in Scotland

On 9 July 2021, the Scottish Government published a report on The Value, Incidence and Impact of Developer Contributions in Scotland. The report is an independent piece of research on Section 75 planning obligations – the equivalent of Section 106 in England – and other developer contributions mechanisms. It draws on quantitative and qualitative evidence to assess the scale, use, spread, and effectiveness of existing mechanisms, and inform the Scottish Government’s wider review of developer contributions. The research concludes that the system is generally accepted as working well, albeit more so for affordable housing than for infrastructure contributions; but it could be improved if, among other things, 1) participants were better informed on performance and delivery through a coordinated and comprehensive monitoring system; and 2) local planning authorities shared good practice more widely. The report also highlights questions of equity in the provision of planning obligations between areas with high land values and those with low land values. At a recent meeting of the CaCHE Housing and Place Delivery Forum, we were joined by three of the report’s authors, Dr John Boyle, Prof Kath Scanlon and Stefano Smith, to discuss the key implications of their research. This blog, written by the chair of the HPDF, Steven Tolson, offers some reflections on the research and discussion.

Published 6 September 2021

Catherine Hall: The whole housing sector needs to face up to the climate emergency

Outlining CIH Scotland's support for Scottish Housing Day’s climate emergency focus, Catherine Hall argues that the sector must act to decarbonise homes across all tenures if it is to play a meaningful part in tackling the crisis.

Published 1 September 2021

Making housing and dementia a national priority: third update from the National Housing and Dementia Forum

Ashley Campbell and Lesley Palmer, co-chairs of the National Housing and Dementia Forum, are continuing to gather evidence on what needs to be done to ensure that people with dementia are able to live well in their own homes for as long as possible. This blog summarises the discussions of the third evidence session focussing on the support that is available for people living with dementia.

Published 1 September 2021

Andrew Garraway: Housing First and harm reduction in Highland

Homeless Network Scotland hosted a webinar on Housing First and Harm Reduction this week to mark International Overdose Awareness Day. By bringing together a range of contributors from third sector, Health and Social Care Partnerships, the NHS and the Scottish Government, the webinar offered an opportunity to reflect on the realities of delivering on the principle of harm reduction against the backdrop of increasing drug-related deaths in Scotland.

Published 1 September 2021

Craig Sanderson: Let’s all work together to ensure there is enough truly ‘affordable’ housing in Edinburgh

Former Link chief executive and member of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission, Craig Sanderson, outlines how housing can help overcome poverty in Edinburgh.

Published 30 August 2021

David Alexander: Don't lock market into rent control 'straight-jacket'

David Alexander, managing director of property firm DJ Alexander, discusses the potential setbacks of introducing rent-controlled areas in Scotland.

Published 27 August 2021