Deborah Hay: JRF joins the Everyone Home Collective

Deborah Hay, Scotland policy officer for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, explains why JRF have joined the Everyone Home Collective.

Published 6 August 2020

Alan Gordon: Getting back into the office will be different, but it will benefit the health and social fabric of Scotland

Alan Gordon, senior partner at DM Hall Chartered Surveyors, discusses the importance of getting back to the office after the coronavirus pandemic. 

Published 30 July 2020

Cade Wells: Sensor-led smart technology could transform Scotland’s approach to housing

Cade Wells, business development manager at CENSIS, discusses the role sensor-led smart technology could play in transforming housing in Scotland. 

Published 27 July 2020

Dan Donald: Building blocks to successfully tackle homelessness

Former Cruden Estates director Dan Donald, now a trustee for homelessness charity Simon Community Scotland, reveals how a career in construction is shaping a few of the charity’s recent successes.

Published 27 July 2020

Jon Kiddie: Homelessness and judicial review – a missed opportunity for reform

Jon Kiddie, an advocate at Terra Firma Chambers, analyses concerns over the suitability of judicial review for challenging local authority decisions on homelessness.

Published 27 July 2020

Martin Gavin: Deciding how to help might be ignoring the obvious

Homeless Network Scotland recently made over 1,000 cash payments of £100 to people affected by homelessness, thanks to the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund, supported by SCVO and the Hunter Foundation. The one-off payment was available to households in temporary homelessness accommodation, or people who have recently taken on a Housing First tenancy. Martin Gavin, head of external relations at Homeless Network Scotland, explains how it came about.

Published 22 July 2020

Alex Orr: Planning for the capital’s development

Alex Orr considers a key planning document being proposed for Edinburgh and what it might mean for developers.

Published 22 July 2020

Scott Macphail: If we want the most from brownfield sites, we must provide the infrastructure to make it possible

Scott MacPhail on the importance of sewage systems in new housing developments.

Published 21 July 2020

Kevin Stewart: Renewed commitment to ending homelessness

Kevin Stewart MSP, minister for local government, housing and planning, outlines the Scottish Government's renewed commitment to ending homelessness.

Published 17 July 2020

Andrew Duncan: The importance of placemaking in a post-COVID world

Lockdown has shown the particular importance of community green spaces, says Andrew Duncan.

Published 17 July 2020

Craig Moule: Strength from diversity

Sanctuary Group chief executive of Craig Moule speaks openly about diversity in a statement following on from the tragic death of George Floyd.

Published 16 July 2020

Maddy Moore: Landmark court ruling declares housing benefit discrimination is unlawful 

Maddy Moore responds to Shelter’s successful court case against blanket bans on renting properties to people on housing benefit.

Published 15 July 2020

Lauren Hazlie: Extension to the Additional Dwelling Supplement Tax reclaim period

Lauren Hazlie, property solicitor at Jones Whyte, details the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the housing market by discussing the extension to the Additional Dwelling Supplement Tax reclaim period.

Published 14 July 2020

Lila Angelaka: How to maintain your traditional tenement flat and communal areas

Scotland's tenements have a rich past, and their story can continue long into the future if cared for properly, says Lila Angelaka.

Published 13 July 2020

The Margaret Taylor Interview: Lorna Walker - Park Inn tragedy highlights the need for asylum seeker justice

When news broke in June that a Sudanese asylum seeker had been shot dead after stabbing six people in a Glasgow hotel there was an immediate public outcry. How, people wanted to know, could a system that is supposed to protect the vulnerable have allowed a man with obvious mental health difficulties to be put in a situation where his problems were sure to escalate.

Published 9 July 2020