Garry Burns: Rehab and housing – A practical solution

Following the tragic news that a young man died of a drug overdose days after leaving his rehabilitation placement, Homeless Action Scotland communications and engagement manager Garry Burns offers a practical housing solution to help prevent similar deaths from happening in the future.

Published 16 March 2021

Shaheena Din: Council employees key to bringing Scotland’s 47,000 empty homes back into use

Scottish Empty Homes Partnership national project manager Shaheena Din outlines the benefits of employing an empty homes officer and argues that bringing empty homes back into use can a key pandemic recovery strategy for Scotland's councils.

Published 16 March 2021

Gavin Smart: The new standards of professionalism for housing

CIH’s role as the professional body is to champion the role that housing professionals play in making a difference to people's lives every day and to unite housing professionals across the whole sector. Or as we put it formally in our mission statement “to support housing professionals to create a future in which everyone has a place to call home”.

Published 15 March 2021

Phil O’Brien: Scottish Government announces continued investment in affordable housing

Phil O’Brien reflects on the affordability of housing as an ongoing issue in Scotland and how the Scottish Government have recently announced future plans to tackle the issue of affordable housing.

Published 12 March 2021

Alastair Keatinge: Charity mergers – change may be necessary for continuity

Mergers are often a topic that charity trustees would rather avoid. Yet it’s one that some in Scotland are now considering as they look to a future shaped by the legacy of Covid-19, writes Alastair Keatinge.

Published 9 March 2021

Rodney White: Build back infrastructure

Rodney White suggests that Westminster and Holyrood should "step up to the plate" and fund infrastructure specifically for housebuilding projects.

Published 5 March 2021

David Bookbinder: Notice periods and the evictions ban - a sense of not being trusted? 

The Scottish Government's decision to opt for a six month notice period for social sector arrears cases will not protect the people it is intended to, argues Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations (GWSF) director David Bookbinder.

Published 4 March 2021

Rosie Gollan: Building and fire safety regulation post-Grenfell

Rosie Gollan, an Edinburgh-based solicitor at law firm Womble Bond Dickinson, looks at the Building Safety Bill and its implications in Scotland.

Published 24 February 2021

Gordon MacRae: Do we risk diluting the rights of homeless people?

Shelter Scotland's assistant director for communication & advocacy, Gordon MacRae, said last week's report from the Homelessness Prevention Review Group will not necessarily safeguard and enhance existing homelessness rights and protections.

Published 22 February 2021

Hazel Davies: How tomorrow’s homes will incorporate green energy solutions

Growing awareness of environmental issues will encourage builders and developers to make new homes ever greener in the coming years and decades. Queensberry Properties’ sales and marketing director, Hazel Davies, identifies four main areas by which tomorrow’s homes will reduce their environmental footprint through innovative green energy solutions.

Published 22 February 2021

Evelyn Mathershaw: Landmark homelessness prevention report published

Beginning in late 2019, the Scotland Prevention Review Group has taken forward the work of the Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group (HARSAG) and the subsequent Scottish Government / COSLA Ending Homelessness Together Action Plan, to recommend new legal duties on councils and public bodies to prevent homelessness. Central to the process has been the contribution throughout of people with lived experience through the Prevention Commission. Member, Evelyn Mathershaw, explains her role in helping to shape the report published today titled, ‘PREVENTING HOMELESSNESS IN SCOTLAND’.

Published 18 February 2021

The role of PRS landlords in making a rented house a home

Steve Rolfe and Kim McKee (University of Stirling) present an overview of a new research report that they have produced, along with Tom Simcock, Julie Feather and Jenny Hoolachan, which considers what landlords can do to make their tenants feel more at home in the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

Published 18 February 2021

Michael Cameron: What does the past year mean for the future of social housing and its regulation?

Building and protecting the resilience of our people, organisations and communities is likely to become central to what we all do, writes Scottish Housing Regulator chief executive Michael Cameron.

Published 17 February 2021

Eileen Barr: New SIC decision on RSL’s handling of FOI request

Eileen Barr, a solicitor in TC Young’s Social Housing Team, outlines what can be learned from a recent decision notice by Scottish Information Commissioner on a Registered Social Landlord's (RSL's) handling of a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Published 17 February 2021

Simon Lewis: Government funding for unsafe cladding - who really foots the bill?

Womble Bond Dickinson partner Simon Lewis on the continuing discussion around building safety, and particularly the replacement of combustible cladding.

Published 17 February 2021