Blog: My housing story - Ashley Campbell, CIH Scotland

Ashley Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland, shares her housing story for Scottish Housing Day.

Published 7 September 2016

Blog: Making time to manage risk and rent arrears

By Bryan Powell, private landlord support officer at Shelter Scotland

Published 2 September 2016

Blog: Looking at the big policy picture

CIH is in a unique position to look at how housing policy is changing across the UK. With a policy presence in each nation it can take a look at the big picture. So what’s happening, what’s different, and what’s the same? Jon Barnes takes a look at the findings of CIH’s recent briefing for members.

Published 1 September 2016

Blog: My vision for Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme

To coincide with the announcement of Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme pilots, which is expected any day now, Changeworks is developing a series of insight papers to inform the debate on how to best deliver the programme.

Published 30 August 2016

Blog: Assessing the impact of the Scottish Social Housing Charter

By Kirsty Wells, head of HouseMark Scotland

Published 26 August 2016

Blog: Investors in People Gold is not just for Christmas

ARK Housing Association CEO Jane Gray celebrates ARK's Investors in People Gold status and reflects on the collaboration and learning that came along with all the hard work.

Published 23 August 2016

Blog: What makes a house a home?

By Ellie Hutchinson, private renting project manager at Shelter Scotland

Published 17 August 2016

Blog: Housing and Homeless Hackathon update

By Tom Youll from Shelter Scotland’s Get advice project

Published 12 August 2016

Blog: We need a new vehicle for ECO to ensure more money is spent on alleviating fuel poverty

By Sean McLaughlin, managing director of Matilda’s Planet

Published 10 August 2016

Blog: Antonia Bird: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless

This month the Filmhouse in Edinburgh are presenting a season celebrating the work of British director Antonia Bird. The season includes a rare screening of the 1993 film Safe, starring (amongst others) Robert Carlyle as a homeless Scot trying to eke out an existence on the streets of London.

Published 10 August 2016

Blog: Dementia … everyone can make a difference!

As CIH Scotland, in association with Arneil Johnston, embarks on the next phase of its dementia programme, project manager Lyn Jardine of Lyn Jardine Consulting shares some of her reflections on dementia care in Scotland and blogs about the value of housing’s role in delivering person-centred approaches for our ageing population.

Published 9 August 2016

Blog: Homelessness services – accept the cuts or find new ways of funding them?

By Rosemary Brotchie, policy and research manager for Shelter Scotland

Published 3 August 2016

Black's Blog: Homeless not phoneless?

Former convener of housing at Dundee City Council, Jimmy Black muses about Shelter Scotland’s recent "hackathon".

Published 3 August 2016

Blog: Right-to-Buy – a welcome obituary

A welcome obituary for Right to Buy in Scotland, from Shelter Scotland director Graeme Brown.

Published 2 August 2016