Blog: Why supported housing matters

North Star Housing Group’s Angela Lockwood remembers a meeting between an MP and supported housing service user that crystallises the importance of these services.

Published 16 June 2016

Blog: Implementing ‘Right to Rent’ immigration checks in Scotland: a recipe for confusion, complexity and discrimination?

There is fear that the UK government’s latest round of immigration reforms could increase discrimination against some people wanting to rent privately and ride roughshod over Scottish housing law.

Published 14 June 2016

Blog: Priorities for addressing youth homelessness in Scotland

After addressing the international youth homelessness conference organised by The Rock Trust, Dr Beth Watts summarises her take on what the priorities should be in developing services for young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Published 13 June 2016

Blog: Reclassification of RSLs

Patrice Fabien, a partner at BTO Solicitors specialising in social housing, details the implications of Scottish RSLs being reclassified as public sector bodies.

Published 10 June 2016

Blog: Scotland needs comprehensive fuel poverty strategy – not unrealistic targets

With November's fuel poverty targets set to be missed, pressure needs to be applied to the Scottish Government to deliver a Warm Homes Bill to tackle Scotland's 1.5m cold homes, says Sean McLaughlin, managing director of Matilda’s Planet.

Published 9 June 2016

Blog: What the Scottish Housing sector can expect in 2016/17

After winning most seats in the Scottish parliamentary election, but not a majority, the Scottish National Party (SNP) have decided to form a minority administration. Mike Basquill, UK residential associate director at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) estimates what the housing sector in Scotland can expect over the next year.

Published 7 June 2016

Blog: Expanding knowledge through volunteering

Paul Stewart blogs about his experiences volunteering on Shelter Scotland’s Digital Advice Team.

Published 3 June 2016

Blog: At home in your own home – letting agents and renting

By Ellie Hutchinson, private renting project manager at Shelter Scotland

Published 30 May 2016

Blog: Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Act - all change for landlords and tenants

Major changes to the tenancy laws in Scotland will give more security to tenants, but also produce hazards for landlords, write Lucy Harington and Louise McAlister from the Commercial Dispute Resolution Team at TLT LLP.

Published 27 May 2016

Blog: What is mid market rent anyway?

Ashley Campbell, policy and practice manager at CIH Scotland, blogs about newly commissioned research on mid-market rent, in partnership with Wheatley Group.

Published 19 May 2016

Blog: A date with data – 31 May 2016

Many in the Scottish housing community will be looking forward to the 31st May with a combination of apprehension and anticipation. As many will be all too well aware, that is the deadline for landlords to submit their Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) submissions to the Scottish Housing Regulator. Providing sound data will ensure that the Regulator can make the most accurate assessment of performance and risk.

Published 19 May 2016

Blog: The impact of welfare changes for single young people

In a guest blog for Shelter Scotland, Janice Blenkinsopp talks about her research into the housing options for the often overlooked demographic of low-income adults aged 25-34 following recent welfare changes and the potential implications for our understanding of what it means to be an adult in modern day Scotland.

Published 18 May 2016

Blog: Justified criticism of Right to Buy extension

The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) was right in its criticism of the extended right to buy, says CIH policy adviser John Perry.

Published 17 May 2016

Blog: The role of social letting agents should be expanded in Scotland

By Ellie Hutchinson, private renting project manager at Shelter Scotland

Published 12 May 2016

Blog: Towards a digital nation: the switch to smart meters

As the national rollout of digital smart meters gets underway, Susanne Webster, policy and practice co-ordinator at CIH Scotland blogs about the potential impact and how the new meters can help us all make smarter energy choices.

Published 12 May 2016