Robina Qureshi: The Aspen card crisis

Ten days have now passed with thousands of asylum seekers, including several hundred in Glasgow, being left without working payment cards due to a Home Office contract changeover, writes Robina Qureshi.

Published 7 June 2021

Adriana Mihaela Soaita: The experiences of private tenants during the COVID-19 pandemic in Great Britain

In this blog, Adriana Mihaela Soaita from the University of Glasgow looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic has augmented the importance of a good neighbourhood and a comfortable home to peoples’ health and wellbeing. They have also brought under the spotlight home’s vulnerabilities, which take a particular intensity in the private rental sector (PRS). It is thus timely and relevant to understand private tenants’ renting experiences during the pandemic, which I explored through the experiences of 60 respondents from Great Britain.

Published 3 June 2021

Andrew Tolmie and Stefanie Johnston: After Grenfell, who pays to make high-rise buildings meet fire safety standards?

Andrew Tolmie and Stefanie Johnston outline the current legal landscape in Scotland regarding who pays the remedial works necessary to bring residential buildings into line with new fire safety standards.

Published 2 June 2021

Ellie Wagstaff: Homeless Scots failed at the end of life

Following a report in which Marie Curie calls for more palliative care support for those experiencing homelessness and terminal illness, Ellie Wagstaff outlines the main issues and the charity's recommendations.

Published 2 June 2021

Miles Briggs: Ending homelessness by 2023

The Covid crisis has shown that Scotland can end homelessness and rough-sleeping in two years, writes Scottish Conservatives' social justice, housing and local government spokesperson Miles Briggs.

Published 28 May 2021

Maggie Brünjes: An open letter to the new Scottish cabinet and ministers

Homeless Network Scotland helps grow the policy and system change needed to resolve homelessness in Scotland. It connects people and places, learning from evidence and shared experiences and acting on what works and what matters. Chief executive, Maggie Brünjes, with an open letter to the new government.

Published 27 May 2021

Kevin Reid: Meeting the challenge of green energy in new homes

Kevin Reid, chief executive of the Cruden Group, looks at meeting the challenges of using more green energy and sustainable building in new homes.

Published 25 May 2021

Hazel Davies: Designing homes for a connected future

Housebuilders have a responsibility to ensure new-build homes are future-proofed, which is challenging given the rapid evolution of digital connectivity. Queensberry Properties’ sales and marketing director, Hazel Davies, takes a closer look at the ‘Internet of Things’ and the exciting developments that lie ahead.

Published 25 May 2021

Legal Services Agency: Urgent reform is needed to the law of damages for unlawful eviction

Ben Christman, Rebecca Morton and Shaun McPhee from the Legal Services Agency outline what they believe to be the main issues regarding the poor enforcement of the law of unlawful evictions in Scotland and make recommendations to the Scottish Government.

Published 24 May 2021

Callum Chomczuk: We must challenge the culture on immigration

CIH Scotland director Callum Chomczuk on the need for reform of our immigration system to end the hostile environment.

Published 21 May 2021

William Anderson: Charity accounts work needs more than faith and hope

William Anderson, audit, accounts and charity partner, Meston Reid & Co, highlights the need for responsible governance, transparency, accountability and a professional approach when it comes to charity finances.

Published 11 May 2021

Paul Hillard: We need to build better homes more quickly to tackle Scotland’s housing crisis

Paul Hillard, managing director of Irvine Housing Association, reveals why better homes are needed to tackle Scotland's housing crisis.

Published 10 May 2021

Meet Catherine Hall, CIH Scotland’s new policy and practice officer

CIH Scotland’s new policy and practice officer Catherine Hall details her journey to working in Scotland's housing sector and her passion for environmental law.

Published 10 May 2021

Alan Long: The housing sector needs to take scrutiny more seriously

Following the report from the independent scrutiny board on Mears’ performance as a housing provider, executive director Alan Long discusses why the housing sector should be taking scrutiny more seriously.

Published 10 May 2021

Homeless Action Scotland calls for a minister for homelessness and housing

Having previously outlined the policy proposals Homeless Action Scotland believes should be adopted by the next Scottish Parliament, communications and engagement manager Garry Burns tackles each of those in detail, beginning with the introduction of a new homelessness and housing minister.

Published 4 May 2021