Bill Banks: Kingdom takes stock of how it responded to an unprecedented crisis  

Bill Banks, group chief executive with Kindgom, has been looking back over the last six months to review the organisation's response to the pandemic and identifying changes to the way services have been delivered and to how tenants have been supported.

Published 1 October 2020

Martin Gavin: Taking the ‘P’ out of homelessness

Introducing Homeless Network Scotland's annual conference, which takes place later this month, the charity's head of external relations Martin Gavin highlights one event which tackles the politics of homelessness policy.

Published 1 October 2020

Janis McDonald: Fixing communication poverty

Inspired by calls received from people working and serving in Scotland's social housing sector, Janis McDonald, chief officer of deafscotland, details the communication issues faced by the deaf community. 

Published 1 October 2020

Dr Jim McCormick: A Just Capital: Actions to End Poverty in Edinburgh

As the Edinburgh Poverty Commission launches its final report today, chair Dr Jim McCormick sets out the Commission’s journey, what it has learned along the way, and what it is calling for next.

Published 30 September 2020

Fraser Mitchell: Planning tilts away from sustainable development

Fraser Mitchell writes about proposed technical changes to Scottish Planning Policy and the relevant Scottish Government consultation.

Published 22 September 2020

Kevin Stewart: Green infrastructure and sustainable development 

The need to include social justice and green infrastructure in our housing developments has only been increased by the onset of the current health pandemic, says housing minister Kevin Stewart.

Published 21 September 2020

Professor Ken Gibb: Celebrating the value of social housing

To mark Scottish Housing Day 2020, Professor Ken Gibb highlights the findings from the recent CaCHE research project on the impact of social housing in Scotland, which provides valuable insights that can be applied around the UK.

Published 17 September 2020

Callum Chomczuk: Why everyone should understand the value of social housing

The onus is on everyone in the Scottish housing sector to reflect on our success and achievements while driving the message that there is still more work to do, writes Callum Chomczuk for Scottish Housing Day.

Published 16 September 2020

David Alexander: English landlords seeking advice from Scottish market as eviction deadline approaches

David Alexander, joint managing director of property management firm Apropos, details why an increasing number of English landlords are seeking advice from the Scottish market as the eviction deadline approaches.

Published 15 September 2020

Gavin Yates: There may be trouble ahead – a report from the Homeless Prevention Strategy Group

Homeless Action Scotland CEO Gavin Yates reports back from the Homeless Prevention Strategy Group (HPSG) and warns that despite worrying homelessness statistics this year, potentially yet more bad news is on the horizon.

Published 11 September 2020

CIH Scotland: Improving housing outcomes for women and children experiencing domestic abuse

CIH Scotland has provided an update of the work of the group it is co-chairing with Scottish Women's Aid on improving housing outcomes for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.

Published 10 September 2020

Deborah Hay: Tenants’ Hardship Loan Funds - an effective anchor?

Last week the Scottish Government announced a £10 million Tenant Hardship Loan Fund, available from November. But, asks Deborah Hay, will it help people under pressure and struggling to pay their rent?

Published 9 September 2020

Elizabeth Leighton: Taking the green route to recovery

The Scottish Government must apply the same focus in driving a vibrant green recovery as it is doing to address the coronavirus pandemic, says Elizabeth Leighton.

Published 9 September 2020

Nicola Thom: The positives of hosting a virtual SGM and AGM

Interim director Nicola Thom shares Hunters Hall Housing Co-operative’s experience of hosting its AGM, as well as an additional SGM, via Zoom.

Published 7 September 2020

Sally Thomas: Programme for Government has much to commend but could increase costs for members

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) chief executive Sally Thomas outlines the organisation's reaction to this week's Programme for Government.

Published 4 September 2020