Maggie Brünjes: An unfair pandemic

Maggie Brünjes, Homeless Network Scotland’s chief executive, looks at an unfair pandemic and the reasons why they are today publishing a new framework* to help redress this across homelessness policy and services.

Published 27 April 2020

Bill Banks: Kingdom’s key workers in focus

As staff across the Kingdom Group adjust to new ways of working to ensure they deliver vital services to tenants and customers, Bill Banks highlights the great work that different teams are doing in these challenging times.

Published 24 April 2020

Arturo Dell: Cyber security now – adapting approaches across the housing sector

HouseMark’s director of data and business intelligence, Arturo Dell, discusses cyber security in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Published 24 April 2020

Gillian Reid: Time for Change? Now more than ever!

Shelter Scotland’s Time for Change peers have helped shape the charity’s work at a local and national level, and bring invaluable lived experience to help its clients, according to national services manager Gillian Reid.

Published 24 April 2020

Amy King: Homelessness is a feminist issue

Amy King, digital officer for Ypeople’s sister organisation YWCA Scotland - The Young Women's Movement, looked after the digital channels at Ypeople for the month of March. Here she shares some thoughts on how homelessness is a feminist issue. 

Published 24 April 2020

Martin Gavin: High hopes for drug policy after COVID-19?

This week, Martin Gavin, Homeless Network Scotland’s head of external relations, looks at the impact of COVID-19 on people who take drugs and what can be learned from what has been put in place so far.

Published 23 April 2020

Our Housing Heritage: John Wheatley - Red Clydesider and founding father of social housing

As part of Scottish Housing News’ new Our Housing Heritage series, Lauren Brown considers the impact of John Wheatley on social housing.

Published 20 April 2020

Martin Gavin: Freedom shouldn’t mean transition into homelessness

In 2018/19, 1,822 homeless applications were recorded as having been from people leaving prison, which represents five per cent of the total. It is likely that this figure does not represent the full scale of the problem, with applicants often unwilling to reveal their background. With discussion around more widespread early release of prisoners across the UK gathering momentum due to the pandemic, Martin Gavin – Homeless Network Scotland’s head of external relations - asks, ‘Could it be the time to break the cycle?’

Published 16 April 2020

Mark Lazarowicz: Supporting NHS workers should mean more than just clapping our hands every Thursday

Waiving the immigration health surcharge is the helping hand that migrant NHS workers really require, argues Mark Lazarowicz.

Published 16 April 2020

Eric Curran: Suspending the housing market is unprecedented, but it is temporary

The sector should be assured that the housing market will return at some point, as it always does, writes Eric Curran.

Published 16 April 2020

LSA: COVID-19 and the application of the Human Rights Act

Paul Brown and Ben Christman from the Legal Services Agency (LSA) discuss the impact of the current public health emergency on human rights.

Published 16 April 2020

Shaun McPhee: COVID-19 and housing law

Legal Services Agency trainee solicitor Shaun McPhee discusses the effect of COVID-19 on housing law.

Published 15 April 2020

Rona Macleod: UK Supreme Court refuses to consider Ali v Serco and Others

Rona Macleod, a solicitor and associate at the Legal Services Agency (LSA), considers the case against Serco’s lock-change evictions post-Ali. 

Published 14 April 2020

Blog: Castlemilk housing associations come together during coronavirus

The staff and boards of the local housing associations (Ardenglen, Craigdale, Cassiltoun, North View and Thenue) are proud to be part of Castlemilk Together, and working alongside the community to support our most vulnerable people at this challenging time.

Published 14 April 2020

David Bookbinder: Why HSE's approach to landlord gas checks is so exasperating

David Bookbinder takes aim at the Health and Safety Executive’s “stubborn” and “unrealistic” approach to gas safety checks.

Published 9 April 2020