Iain Marley: Good to give this Christmas

hub West Scotland's chief executive Iain Marley discusses the launch of this year's Winter Warmer appeal.

Published 3 December 2020

Kevin Stewart: Building a planning system for the future

Minister for local government, housing & planning Kevin Stewart reflects on a big week in the world of planning in Scotland.

Published 2 December 2020

Iain Wallace and Michael Martin: Joining forces - How Hanover and Arklet became one

Michael Martin, chair at Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association Ltd, and Iain Wallace, former chair of Arklet Housing Association, discuss the recent merger between the two organisations.

Published 27 November 2020

Hazel Davies: Urban or suburban – the eternal dilemma

We often think of flight to the suburbs as a modern phenomenon, but a conflict has raged for centuries between urban and suburban living. Cruden Homes’ sales and marketing director, Hazel Davies, explores this eternal dilemma.

Published 26 November 2020

David Stewart: Land for Housing - What Europe can teach us

The Scottish Land Commission has today published its report Housing Land Allocation, Assembly and Delivery: Lessons from Europe – the sixth and final report in the series leading up to the Review of Housing for Land and Development, planned for early 2021. Senior policy officer David Stewart explains the report’s importance, explores its main findings, and shares how they can contribute to thinking on land reform and the creation of better places.

Published 24 November 2020

Ashleigh Simpson: Crisis' new report on impact of COVID-19 on people facing homelessness

Ashleigh Simpson outlines the key findings from Scotland contained in a new report from Crisis looking at the impact of COVID-19 on people facing homelessness and service provision.

Published 19 November 2020

Grant McManus: Close to home - the housing sector’s role in dementia care

Kingdom Housing Association graduate trainee Grant McManus writes a guest blog for CIH Scotland where he is currently undertaking work experience.

Published 18 November 2020

Kirsty Wells: Diversity, Disruption and Innovation – what have we learnt in 2020?

“I’m thinking about her and about the generations of women – Black women, Asian, white, Latina, and Native American women throughout our nation’s history who have paved the way for this moment tonight.” Kamala Harris, 7 November 2020

Published 18 November 2020

Paul Motion: Now is the time to outsource a really good data protection officer

The data protection landscape for businesses and public authorities changed beyond recognition on 25 May 2018 when the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 came into force. It seems remarkable that nearly two and a half years has passed. At the time, no-one could have predicted that for the majority of UK businesses, working from home with customer and client data would become the norm, writes Paul Motion.

Published 18 November 2020

Viki Fox: Coproduction is challenging – time and resources are vital

All In For Change brings together frontline workers and people with their own, personal experience of homelessness either currently or in the past putting lived experience at the heart of system change. For Co-Production Week 2020, Viki Fox, change lead with All In for Change, talks about co-production in real-time and the impact it is having in shaping Scotland’s homelessness response.

Published 17 November 2020

Douglas Robertson: Tenancy change impacts - You don’t always get what you want (quickly)

Professor Douglas Robertson presents RentBetter's Baseline Findings on its three-year research programme on the impact of private rented sector tenancy reform in Scotland.

Published 11 November 2020

Fiona McPhail: Regulator's report into Glasgow City Council confirms concerns raised by Shelter Scotland

Shelter Scotland’s lead solicitor Fiona McPhail gives her reaction to the outcome of the Scottish Housing Regulator’s inquiry into Glasgow City Council’s homelessness services.

Published 6 November 2020

Neil McKay: Scotland’s focus should be on building communities, not just homes

Neil McKay highlights the importance of social housing and building communities as a key factor in helping Scotland recover from the COVID recession.

Published 30 October 2020

Our Housing Heritage - how a Lothian piggery pioneered social housing for Scottish veterans

For the next edition of Our Housing Heritage, journalist and digital history specialist Chris Holme shares the story of how First World War servicemen came to reside in the rural village of Longniddry.

Published 26 October 2020

Shirley-Anne Somerville: Designing a benefit service with those who will use it

As the Scottish Government share details of what its new disability benefits will look and feel like for those who interact with the new benefit system, cabinet secretary for social security and older people Shirley-Anne Somerville explains how a series of policy position papers will set out the journey from application right through to the appeal process.

Published 26 October 2020