Bruce Forbes: Time for SHR to end the 'toxic' atmosphere around regulation

Last week's article in Scottish Housing News highlighting the lack of adequate governance at the Scottish Housing Regulator (SHR) will be of concern to many in the sector. Effectively, we have a case of "Do as I say, not as I do", writes Bruce Forbes.

Published 17 December 2019

What Works Community pilot: understanding and using data

James Cartwright explores what the What Works Community pilot teams at East Ayrshire Council, Southend Borough Council and Pembrokeshire County Council learned about the value of data practices at the project's first residential.

Published 12 December 2019

Shona Glenn: The impact of vacant and derelict land

Shona Glenn, head of policy and research at the Scottish Land Commission, shares her vision for tackling Scotland’s legacy of vacant and derelict land to reduce the negative impact that these sites are having on our urban populations.

Published 11 December 2019

James Battye: A new practice framework to help housing organisations meet the needs of people living with dementia

In a guest blog for CaCHE, James Battye from the Healthcare Improvement Scotland (ihub), introduces the Housing and Dementia Practice Framework, a practical tool to assist housing organisations in supporting people living with dementia. 

Published 10 December 2019

Charlie Drysdale: Heat Networks - a hot topic in the Scottish decarbonisation agenda

Charlie Drysdale, project development manager, heat and distributed energy at SSE Enterprise, discusses the issue of heat networks, which is a subject central to the Scottish decarbonisation agenda.

Published 6 December 2019

Kathie Pollard: Action on blight

Kathie Pollard, policy officer at the Scottish Land Commission, explores how a new framework can help decision-makers assess the impact of vacant and derelict land (VDL) sites on their local communities.

Published 19 November 2019

Alastair Johnston: Less haste, more speed! Why you can't evict a private tenant in Scotland on grounds which haven't yet occurred

Alastair Johnston, a senior solicitor at Harper Macleod, reviews an Upper Tribunal appeal case and highlights the lessons it provides regarding tenant evictions.

Published 18 November 2019

Rachel Bell: As safe as houses? Top tips for social landlords amid the rising threat of cyber-attacks

Rachel Bell, a solicitor from Harper Macleod, provides social landlords with tips on how to handle the rising threat of cyber-attacks.

Published 14 November 2019

Hamish Trench: Regional land use partnerships

With the Scottish Land Commission being asked to advise the Scottish Government on the establishment of regional land use partnerships, chief executive Hamish Trench looks at what the body will need to consider.

Published 13 November 2019

Blog: Ending homelessness in Scotland – are you all in for change?

Celeste, a volunteer with Homeless Network Scotland, highlights the new ‘All In for Change’ project that the charity is working on with its partners ahead of the first drop-in session next week.

Published 12 November 2019

Martin Armstrong: Housing is not just a roof over a head, but the bedrock of a secure and happy life

Housing is a multi-faceted career that can really make a difference, changing people’s lives for the better, says Martin Armstrong.

Published 8 November 2019

Nicola Barclay: We need to home in on ways to beat the housing crisis

Ahead of the Homes for Scotland annual conference, Nicola Barclay discusses the need for housing, the social and economic benefits of home building and the constraints facing the industry.

Published 7 November 2019

Anna Evans: Independent research reveals impact of short-term lets on communities across Scotland

Housing consultant Anna Evans provides a summary of independent research undertaken by Indigo House on the impact of short-term lets on communities across Scotland.

Published 29 October 2019

David Bookbinder: Social housing rents – let’s keep things in perspective

Rents matter – a lot. But things might be getting a bit out of proportion, writes David Bookbinder.

Published 28 October 2019

Jenny Bowles: Building social value in construction

Rounding off a fortnight of reporting following Scotland Excel’s ‘Accelerating Delivery of Affordable New Homes’ conference, category manager Jenny Bowles highlights the potential for generating social value in construction.

Published 18 October 2019