Blog: New research shows emerging threats to Scotland’s progress on homelessness

The Scottish Government blazed a trail in tackling homelessness, but there is no room for complacency, writes Jon Sparkes, chief executive at Crisis.

Published 9 December 2015

Blog: Homes for People

Our society is facing major challenges in responding to the consequences of a housing crisis with poor quality housing coupled with a serious lack of affordable housing damaging the health and life chances of thousands of people in Scotland.

Published 27 November 2015

Blog: Delivering Planning Reform – Time for Change

There is no doubt that the planning system in Scotland is indeed of urgent reform.

Published 24 November 2015

Blog: Homes: Let’s raise the debate

A second Scottish Parliament debate on housing in the space of 3 months shows just how much housing is working its way up the political agenda.

Published 23 November 2015

Blog: Remembering Mary Barbour and the Glasgow Rent Strikes

The 17th November saw the 100th anniversary of the Glasgow Rent Strikes.  In this blog, Shelter Scotland’s Housing Adviser, Jenny Love, tells us about the woman behind it – housing campaigner, Mary Barbour.

Published 23 November 2015

Blog: Aye welcome refugees - By Mhairi Black

Helping the homeless people on our streets and helping those who are suffering unimaginable tragedies in their home countries are not mutually exclusive. It is not a choice between one or the other.

Published 19 November 2015

Advertorial: Double S Events Announces Masquerade Ball Forged In The Great Italian Tradition

The creator of Scotland’s most innovative design and architecture events today announces a fresh new approach to bringing together the country’s construction industry – Il Ballo del Doge, a Masquerade Ball in the grandest of Italian traditions.

Published 16 November 2015

Blog: What we learnt at SNP conference

Over the past month, the Crisis policy team has been to Liberal Democrat, Labour, Conservative and SNP conferences, meeting politicians, going to fringe events and listening to debates and has been blogging about their experiences at each.

Published 28 October 2015

The Rise and Fall of Glasgow’s Red Road Flats, Part 2: Failed Post-War Visions?

This guest post for Municipal Dreams by Gerry Mooney of The Open University in Scotland follows up yesterday’s post on the historical context of Glasgow’s post-war housing.

Published 27 October 2015

Blog: Tarring all landlords as rogues is unfair and counter-productive

Dan Cookson responds to Govan Law Centre principal solicitor Mike Dailly’s suggestion that an unequal relationship between tenants and landlords means many of the former are leading lives of misery.

Published 27 October 2015

Blog: Help spread some festive cheer

Amanda Collins from Shelter Scotland on this year’s Social Media Santa campaign

Published 27 October 2015

The Rise and Fall of Glasgow’s Red Road Flats, Part 1: Glasgow Housing in Historical Context

A guest post for Municipal Dreams by Gerry Mooney of The Open University in Scotland.

Published 26 October 2015

Blog: Letting agents: Have your say

By Ellie Hutchinson at Shelter Scotland

Published 22 October 2015

Blog: Reaching out in Glasgow

Shelter Scotland helps over half a million people every year who are struggling with bad housing or homelessness, but we’re always looking to do more to make sure that people know they’re not alone in the fight against bad housing and homelessness.

Published 20 October 2015