Blog: The UK government can cut less than £12bn from benefits – and still meet its welfare target

By Adam van Lohuizen, senior economic analyst at Shelter

Published 29 May 2015

Feature: Not just a desk job

John McClarey, business development officer at CIH Scotland, charts his day shadowing staff at Weslo Housing Management.

Published 29 May 2015

Blog: Is the UK heading for a break up and what are the implications for housing?

Following last year’s referendum on independence for Scotland and the SNP surge in the General Election, what does the future hold for the make-up of the UK? Annie Mauger, director of CIH’s national business units, shares her views ahead of Housing 2015.

Published 20 May 2015

Black’s Blog: Do up or demolish?

Cllr Jimmy Black counts his profits

Published 20 May 2015

Blog: My first month at CIH: opportunities and challenges

New CIH chief executive Terrie Alafat reflects on her first month at the helm.

Published 13 May 2015

Blog: What now for the welfare of Scotland?

David Bookbinder on the tricky issue of welfare in Scotland and the UK following last week’s general election result.

Published 12 May 2015

Blog: Prime Minister’s real test lies ahead

David Cameron's victory speech has given a clear indication of the direction of the next parliament, says Julia Unwin chief executive of Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust. The emphasis on compassionate Conservatism gives us cause to hope the reforming Cameron with social justice at the heart of his mission, somehow lost in coalition and deficit reduction, is back.

Published 11 May 2015

Blog: Would rent controls really improve the private rented sector?

RICS UK Residential Director Andrew Bulmer on some of the issues and views driving the debate about rent control in the UK's private rented sector.

Published 8 May 2015

Blog: 10 politicians, 4 volunteers, 3 towns, 2 shops and a whole load of coffee

By Fiona King at Shelter Scotland

Published 5 May 2015

Black’s Blog: Social housing in 1947

Cllr Black looks back to 1947

Published 30 April 2015

Blog: What future for Universal Credit?

Universal Credit can’t reduce poverty on its own, says Chris Goulden, head of poverty team at Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Published 28 April 2015

Blog: Scottish Liberal Democrats Manifesto: where small builds big

By Hew Edgar, policy manger (Scotland) at RICS

Published 23 April 2015

Black’s Blog – Housing officer Ian Storrar

Cllr Jimmy Black reflects on the death of a housing officer

Published 21 April 2015

Blog: The SNP manifesto: a taxing investment

By Hew Edgar, RICS, policy manger (Scotland)

Published 21 April 2015