Sabir Zazai: Everyone Home Collective's second route map is a bold statement of intent to eradicate destitution in Scotland

The Everyone Home Collective launches its second route map, 'Scotland’s Ambition to End Destitution and Protect Human Rights' at Homeless Network Scotland’s ‘Safe As Houses’ conference this week. Sabir Zazai, chief executive of the Scottish Refugee Council, discusses the urgency and spirit of collaboration driving the project.

Published 21 October 2020

Abigail Brownlow: The homes they are a-changing

Throughout history, pandemics have changed our approach to the built environment. Abigail Brownlow explains how Wemyss Properties has responded to new demands from today's homebuyers.

Published 20 October 2020

Jon Sparkes: Ending homelessness across Scotland is possible but only by helping those seeking asylum in this country too

Addressing the issue of homelessness amongst migrant groups across Scotland is crucial for ending homelessness across the country, writes Jon Sparkes.

Published 19 October 2020

David Stern: A solution to fuel poverty in multi-dwelling units

With commitment from all parties, fuel poverty in electrically heated multi-dwelling units can be addressed today: at minimal cost, writes David Stern.

Published 16 October 2020

Safe as Houses homelessness conference starts on Tuesday – book a place to join

Safe as Houses is the title of Homeless Network Scotland’s annual conference for 2020. The online event will explore what is needed to build forward from the past eight months to make sure that homelessness services – and people directly affected – are not left carrying the can for a global health pandemic. Head of external relations, Martin Gavin, looks ahead to the event.

Published 15 October 2020

Homeless Action Scotland: The creation of youth homelessness

Youth homelessness is almost invisible to the public therefore only true radical change can bring it to an end for good, writes Homeless Action Scotland.

Published 15 October 2020

Liz Mallon: First time buyers need to play major role in continued growth of new homes market

Liz Mallon looks at the important role first time buyers need to play in the changing new homes property market.

Published 14 October 2020

Sandra Brydon: Weathering the 'perfect storm' of fuel poverty and coronavirus

The ‘perfect storm’ that is looming large this winter could have devastating consequences for millions across the UK, as Sandra Brydon explains.

Published 13 October 2020

Stephen Tucker: Making idealism practical and achievable: can we reach a net zero carbon Edinburgh by 2030?

While considering whether Edinburgh can meet its pledge to be a zero-carbon city by 2030, Stephen Tucker takes a broader look at how to achieve zero-carbon at scale from a planning and design perspective.

Published 13 October 2020

Hazel Davies: Celebrating daylight

From attic apartments to south-facing family kitchens, daylight is central to how we live in, and use our homes. Hazel Davies examines how architects seek to maximise natural light in properties.

Published 13 October 2020

Eric Curran: Is the prosperity of Scotland's residential market creating a price bubble?

Eric Curran, managing partner at DM Hall chartered surveyors, discusses the state of residential property market in Scotland.

Published 9 October 2020

Bill Banks: Kingdom takes stock of how it responded to an unprecedented crisis  

Bill Banks, group chief executive with Kindgom, has been looking back over the last six months to review the organisation's response to the pandemic and identifying changes to the way services have been delivered and to how tenants have been supported.

Published 1 October 2020

Martin Gavin: Taking the ‘P’ out of homelessness

Introducing Homeless Network Scotland's annual conference, which takes place later this month, the charity's head of external relations Martin Gavin highlights one event which tackles the politics of homelessness policy.

Published 1 October 2020

Janis McDonald: Fixing communication poverty

Inspired by calls received from people working and serving in Scotland's social housing sector, Janis McDonald, chief officer of deafscotland, details the communication issues faced by the deaf community. 

Published 1 October 2020

Dr Jim McCormick: A Just Capital: Actions to End Poverty in Edinburgh

As the Edinburgh Poverty Commission launches its final report today, chair Dr Jim McCormick sets out the Commission’s journey, what it has learned along the way, and what it is calling for next.

Published 30 September 2020