Ashley Campbell: A new Framework for supporting people living with dementia

CIH Scotland’s policy and practice manager Ashley Campbell, outlines a new framework, developed in partnership with CIH Scotland, Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s ihub and Alzheimer Scotland, which aims to help housing organisations record the work they are already doing to support people living with dementia and identify areas where they need to do more.

Published 21 August 2019

Caroline Kennedy: Scottish Child Payment must be flexible to keep families afloat

Caroline Kennedy, a member of the Poverty Truth Community based in Glasgow and former member of the Scottish Poverty and Inequality Commission, reflects on how the new Scottish Child Payment could make a difference to the lives of children in Scotland.

Published 16 August 2019

Callum Chomczuk: Scottish Housing Day 2019 makes the case for housing as a human right

Ahead of this year's Scottish Housing Day on September 18th, CIH Scotland national director Callum Chomczuk explores the possibilities for creating a human rights based approach to housing in Scotland in this new blog.

Published 7 August 2019

Anthony Syder: In housing disputes, mediate before you litigate

Housing disputes with a tenant is a difficult time for everyone involved, particularly if there is an ongoing relationship between landlord and tenant to consider. Everyone is seeking a fair outcome and a strong process that will enable this to happen, but at the same time it is important that the dispute isn’t unnecessarily escalated.

Published 7 August 2019

Neil Collar: Retirement living and the new Planning (Scotland) Act

Brodies partner Neil Collar outlines how retirement living is addressed in the Planning (Scotland) Bill, which received Royal Assent last month.

Published 7 August 2019

Rodney Whyte: Scots law missing a trick on ‘later living’ projects

Rodney Whyte, partner and specialist in residential land development at Pinsent Masons, looks at how Scots law is holding back "later living" developments.

Published 2 August 2019

Hazel Davies: The renaissance in urban living

After a century of flight to the suburbs, urban living has come into vogue for a variety of reasons. Queensberry Properties’ sales and marketing director, Hazel Davies, explores further.

Published 2 August 2019

Isla Jappy: Making affordable homes affordable

Halliday Fraser Munro design associate Isla Jappy discusses the future challenges for affordable housing in Scotland.

Published 30 July 2019

Stephen Herriot: Climate emergency creates added pressure to make Scotland’s social housing more energy efficient

Social landlords are leading the way in terms of the energy efficiency standards of homes in Scotland, but more work lies ahead to satisfy a new level of expectation, writes Stephen Herriot.

Published 26 July 2019

Dr Gareth James: Short-term lets – the need for balance, regulation, and better data

CaCHE knowledge exchange associate, Dr Gareth James, reflects on the recent CaCHE seminar which focused on evidence and experiences of short-term lets from three global cities: Sydney, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Published 26 July 2019

Martin Armstrong: Housing First can help us tackle homelessness

The scale of homelessness in the UK is shocking, but we are determined to act – and the Housing First scheme gives us means to do so, writes Wheatley Group chief executive Martin Armstrong.

Published 25 July 2019

Stewart Little: Responsible Retrofit

With the latest Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing 2 (EESSH2) targets announced recently by the Scottish Government, Stewart Little from IRT Surveys explains how asset managers can exploit technology to meet their obligations.

Published 24 July 2019

Garry Burns: Engaging people with lived experience of homelessness

Homeless Action Scotland’s Garry Burns calls on individuals with lived experience to get involved with the Scottish Government’s homelessness consultations with a pledge to offer support to anyone who requires it.

Published 18 July 2019

Professor Ken Gibb: Visions for Scottish housing in 2040

CaCHE director Professor Ken Gibb shares his reflections on the annual report from the Scottish Government’s Joint Housing Policy Working Group.

Published 18 July 2019

Further interim interdicts granted against Serco evictions

Glasgow law centres, advice agencies and charities have come together to prevent the eviction of Glasgow asylum seekers.

Published 16 July 2019