Abandoned Tenancies and Former Tenant Arrears - SHARE

Abandoned Tenancies and Former Tenant Arrears

19th March 2021

9.30am – 12.30pm

Cost: Member £100.00 / Non-member £200.00

Trainer: Janice Shields

Who is it for and what is it about?

Whilst the hope is that it does not happen often, housing staff are likely to encounter abandoned tenancies on a rare but regular occurrence in their career. We may never find out why the tenant has walked away from their tenancy but it does leave the housing staff dealing with the property with all sorts of headaches: notices; timescales; potential court actions; storage; arrears. This course aims to make it crystal clear for our delegates exactly what the rules in terms of abandoned tenancies are, what procedures they need to be following to avoid possible court action by the tenant and how to effectively manage former tenant arrears generally.

Course Outline

  • The legal framework for abandoned tenancies
  • Procedure that must be followed
  • What to do with tenant’s property
  • The nature of former tenant arrears and the power to recover
  • Tracing former tenants in pursuit of payment
  • Former tenant arrears write offs – when and why?

Learning Outcomes

Following this course, delegates should:

  • Understand the statutory framework behind abandoned tenancies
  • Appreciate the importance of following procedures rigidly in dealing with abandoned tenancies
  • Be confident in their approach to dealing with property leftover in an abandoned tenancy
  • Understand the nature of former tenant arrears and the powers that an association has to recover these
  • Be aware of the various ways former tenant arrears can be recovered and the tools available for tracing those who owe former tenant arrears.
  • Be mindful of cost benefit analysis in pursuing former tenant arrears and understand when and why it can be appropriate to write off arrears and the financial impact on the association of doing this.

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