Being prepared to lead on the road ahead

Our teams have had wide-ranging needs in the past year, and our business model has seen changes that we would previously have thought unthinkable. And whilst we perhaps did not have the luxury of time to manage the changes last year brought, we do have an opportunity this year to plan and prepare for what our post-lockdown workplaces look like.

This next phase of our roadmap out of lockdown will require leaders to think differently about what our workplaces look like, and be able to manage this change assuredly, with communication and compassion being key to the success of our new arrangements.

Ilm Level 5, Leading Innovation and Change is a timely addition to the SHARE calendar; designed to help leaders and managers think about the impact of change, how to manage this successfully and meet challenges with creativity. As demand on the sector continues to grow and the challenges faced become more complex, this qualification will equip delegates with the tools to successfully manage that change.

The ilm level 5 is delivered over three and a half days covering: -

  • Leading Innovation and Change
  • Project Support
  • Becoming an Effective Leader

Leading Innovation and Change (ilm level 5 Award) starts on 24 June 2021.

You can find out more about the award at or by getting in touch with Julie-Ann Cloherty, learning and development officer, on 0141 370 1539 or by email to