CIH Level 5 Diploma in Housing Practice - is this your next step?

Housing professionals, at all stages of their career, can access CIH qualifications through SHARE.

SHARE recently introduced the Level 5 Diploma in Housing Practice which is aimed at those in the housing sector who want to advance their career in leadership and management.

The CIH qualifications move through stages in the subjects they address and each could be considered as looking at the sector in different degrees of detail: where SCQF Level 2 in Housing Practice addresses the basics of housing tenures and legislative requirements; Level 3 will move up and address on-the-ground practicalities such as collecting rental income; and Level 4 will step back again and consider housing law and policy.

Level 5 Diploma in Housing Practice moves up a stage further, looking at the wider business of a housing organisation and the landscape in which they operate; considering what it takes to lead an organisation well and succeed. Delegates will study six modules: housing in context; leadership and management; business and strategic planning; ethics in housing; managing relationships in housing and professional practice skills in housing.

There are many reasons that the Level 5 diploma differs from a university course and may be a better fit for some learners.

  • The Level 5 Diploma is a shorter course. Delegates attend 6 classes once a month over a 6-month period. This may be a more manageable commitment for some learners.
  • Learners are not required to have a university degree, previous experience and CIH qualifications will be considered upon booking.
  • The course is guaranteed to be delivered remotely so travel is not an issue.
  • The financial investment is considerably less than a university course.
  • The more relaxed style of learning may suit those who have not undertaken academic work in a long time, building confidence and developing transferrable skills such as report writing.

The level of course work expected from the Level 5 Diploma in Housing Practice is equivalent to that of a second-year university degree, so standards are high. This qualification offers candidates a pathway to achieving a high-quality industry qualification and the prestige of Chartered Membership of the CIH, whilst recognising the other demands on housing professionals, particularly at this time. It can also serve as an intermediary qualification for those who would like to achieve further qualifications but are not yet in a position to commit to university.

The CIH Level 5 Diploma in Housing Practice begins on 3rd March 2021. You can find out more about the course and book your place HERE. If you would like to speak to SHARE about whether this course is for you please email or telephone 0141 370 6877.