CIH SCQF Level 5 Certificate in Housing Practice - SHARE

How do housing associations work?

What skills do you need as a housing officer?

How are repairs carried out?

How are housing associations financed?

If you want to know the answers to these questions then SHARE’s CIH SCQF Level 5 Certificate in Housing Practice will help you answer them and much more! 

This accredited course is ideal for staff that are new to housing, for Committee/Board members or anyone who is considering a career in housing.   It is also suitable for tenants and residents wishing to explore housing topics to enhance their personal involvement and understanding of housing issues.

Undertaking this qualification will also give you student membership of the CIH for the time you are studying.

Working in housing is more than just letting houses and this course will explore the different roles within housing and how housing associations and cooperatives play a key role in their communities.

CIH course are recognised across the UK as the qualification most in demand by the sector. So, if you’re new to housing or have been there a while and want a qualification, then CIH SCQF Level 5 Certificate in Housing Practice will give you the key foundations in housing skills you need to progress your career.

SHARE’s next course will start on 7th October.

You can find out more about the qualification at or get in touch with SHARE direct at or 0141 370 6877.