HeadStrong’s Positive Lessons on Mental Health

17th to 21st May 2021

In 2020 SHARE launched HeadStrong’s Positive Lessons on Mental Health. The programme was delivered via Zoom with delegates logging in for 30 minutes each day, Monday to Friday. The programme proved to be very popular with many organisations also requesting the programme be delivered for their own teams.

Pauline Munro, SHARE’s marketing & events manager, said: “SHARE continues to work with HeadStrong and the popularity of this first programme demanded we bring it back. If you didn’t get an opportunity to take part previously make sure you book for this one. If you attended previously then it’s always good to get a refresher.

“It’s has been a tough year for us all and it pays to look after our own mental health and that of our teams. We know delegates really enjoy and benefit from Brian’s unique and upbeat style. It’s a great way to get you/your team engaged in the day ahead and become more aware of our own mental health as well as others.”

Brian Costello

Brian Costello, director of HeadStrong, will be delivering this exciting and engaging programme which can really help make a difference for you, your teams and tenants.

HeadStrong’s Positive Lessons on Mental takes place from 17th to 21st May, 9.30am – 10.00am.

  • Session 1: What is Mental Health?
  • Session 2: The Bubble – We are all different but why?
  • Session 3: Becoming Ourselves
  • Session 4: Emotional Batteries
  • Session 5: The Power of Purpose

“When you understand mental health one of the things that happens is you get the ability to make significant and prolonged changes to it. Not only your own but possibly colleagues, family and anybody you come into contact with,” said Brian Costello, director and programme facilitator at Headstrong.

The purpose of HeadStrong is clear, to help people have positive conversations around mental health. HeadStrong’s passionate team help people transform their lives by teaching them how to understand the mind, how to remove the mystery behind why we do what we do (even the crazy stuff!) and show us how we can all harness our incredible, inbuilt ability to change the quality of our mental health when we simply know how to do it.

As employers we have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, particularly in these strange times. So, whether you/your team are working in the office, from home or are currently furloughed you can take part in this fun and informative training programme.

You can find out all about the programme and book your place/s at www.share.org.uk

Contact SHARE direct if you would like to discuss the programme and how to get involved info@share.org.uk