Net Zero Buildings: Scotland’s Climate Assembly

Scotland’s Climate Assembly is hosting an event on Net Zero buildings in partnership with the Good Homes Alliance and the Passivhaus Trust.

This event will explore Scotland’s opportunity to become a leader in transforming its built environment to tackle the climate emergency.
The event will be held online on Tuesday 23rd November, 13:00 -14:45, and is free to attend for all interested.

Scotland’s Climate Assembly is Scotland’s first citizens’ assembly focused on climate change. Grounded in Scotland’s Climate Change Act (2019), the Assembly brought together a group of over 100 ordinary people, from across Scotland, who are broadly representative of its population.

The Assembly took on the task of learning about, discussing and making recommendations on how we can best tackle the climate emergency. In total, the Assembly developed 16 goals and 81 recommendations, calling for radical and decisive action across all sectors of society. The recommendations were supported by an overwhelming consensus of Assembly members.

The Assembly is embedded within the Scottish Parliamentary process and Scottish Ministers are required by law to respond to the recommendations within six months of the Assembly’s Report being laid in Parliament.

This event will explore some of the key themes in the Assembly’s recommendations including the Assembly’s recommendation that Scotland should improve the quality of its buildings by updating building standards to Passivhaus/Enerphit or a Scottish equivalent whilst also taking into account whole life carbon costs and wider environmental considerations.

The need to design buildings that can be recycled and reused, recognising the huge amount of carbon embodied in our built environment.
The Assembly also recognised that to reduce the carbon footprint of Scotland’s buildings the work carried out to improve their energy efficiency needs to be high quality to close the performance gap.

Tickets are available via Eventbrite.

More information about the Climate Assembly can also be found here.