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Who’s it for and what’s it about?

COVID 19 impacted on RSLs in an unprecedented way. Senior Officers had to change the delivery model for their organisations at a furious pace, manage nervous and stressed teams, monitor daily publications on the pandemic and follow dynamic regulatory expectations. The sector went to great lengths to look after its staff but that sometimes left the question: who looks after the Senior Officer?

Regulatory Standard 5.5 outlines the Committee/Board’s responsibility for the management, support, remuneration and appraisal of the senior officer. The support element can often be overlooked but is more important than ever.

The swift changes in the work place in the past year mean that your Senior Officer’s role has likely been harder than ever before. Committee/Boards must ensure that they are compliant with their regulatory responsibility to support the senior officer in these circumstances. Poorly managed stress in senior staff is a risk to the organisation. This short session will discuss the landscape within which your Senior Officer is operating and point to issues that Committee/Board should be assessing to ensure that they do all they can to mitigate the risks of stress and burnout for their SO and for all staff.

Course content

  • The Committee/Board role in leading the Senior Officer- what is expected in the Regulatory Framework?
  • Overview of the impact of COVID 19 on housing associations and co-operatives
  • How is your Senior Officer addressing the ever-changing landscape and keeping up-to-date?
  • Supporting your Senior Officer- questions you should be asking now to mitigate risk
  • Practical suggestions for improving your Senior Officer support during COVID 19
  • Reviewing realistic objectives and outcomes
  • Supporting the wider staff team

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, delegates should:

  • Have a better understanding of their role as committee/body in leading their Senior Officer
  • Understand more about the landscape of COVID 19 and the impact on RSLs
  • Have an enhanced awareness of how to support your Senior Officer during COVID 19
  • Improve their awareness of risk in relation to the welfare of their Senior Officer and wider staff team during COVID 19.

Date: 14th June 2021

Time: 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Trainer: Angela Spence

Costs: Members £110.00/Non-Members £210.00

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